Whitlee’s First Halloween

I’ve decided that Halloween with kiddos under the age of 1 is meant to be some kind of torture for parents. Ha! Dramatic, yes, but about 27 minutes into trying to convince Whitlee it was a great idea for me to draw a cat face on her and her fighting me off, I was ready to hang it up before it even started. I made her costume myself – Pinterest inspired of course – and my house is now covered in glitter and stray feathers from her tail. Also, in case you haven’t seen the news lately, most of Texas is under flash flood watch, including our area where on Halloween weekend it rained hard for like 48 straight. But we sucked it up, pulled it together, and braved the weather just long enough to trick or treat at nearby family. I was relieved to get a few pictures and then most of her costume was stripped off and she was more interested in the ring pop she scored and practicing her walking skills chasing Tyner, who was dressed as Daryl from The Walking Dead (my sister in law is so freaking creative!), around. Annyyway enough of my whining…here’s our little kitty cat! It really did turn out super cute if I do say so myself. 🙂




Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable evening! 


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