Making :: plans for our next few weekends, birthday parties and family get togethers and baby showers galore

Loving :: the weather in Texas this time of year 

Waiting :: for the weekend, as hectic as it already may be – two birthday parties! 

Wondering :: what to get Whitlee for her first birthday, aside from the puppy. Like what will she open from us on her birthday.

Drinking :: sweet tea – a southern staple

Reading :: never ending work emails  

Planning :: Whitlee’s first birthday party (!) 

Wanting :: LL Bean Boots or Sperry Duck Boots, highest on my wish list currently

Looking :: like my real self – hair up, no makeup

Listening:: to the Limetown podcast, my new obsession. (waiting for season two of Serial to start. Come on already!)

Playing :: “chase” with Whitlee a lot lately. She actually RAN the other day. I’d say she has walking down. 

Enjoying :: every other Friday off with my sweet girl – this week is my Friday off

Wasting :: way too much time wondering why my child is so thin and is she eating enough/sleeping enough/playing enough

Wishing :: time would slow down a little

Marvelling :: over how much Whitlee picked up from the other kids in just two weeks at a real daycare

Needing :: to lose the rest of this baby weight 

Expecting :: some goodies in the mail  

Smelling :: a candle I was burning  

Wearing :: comfies + my new monogrammed sweatshirt tunic from Marley Lilly 

Liking :: my teeth being straight again after braces for the second time. Got them off last week. 

Noticing :: that I’m hungry

 Thinking :: about going to bed early 

Feeling :: exhausted, always

Opening :: instagram on my phone, always

 Watching:: NCIS, New Orleans


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