Friday Favorites

Trying to get back into the groove of blogging after all of the holidays and an insane few weeks at work. I think I’ll start slow with a Friday Favorites! These are five things I’m loving / totally make me smile.

1. My hardworking husband finally got a new truck. He has been driving the same truck for like ever and with 250,000 miles rolling up soon, he finally bit the bullet and traded it in on a 2016 Dodge 2500. It has more towing capabilities than his old truck, which will make trips with the RZR easier, and it also has a massive back seat and Whitlee’s car seat fits amazingly. Add in heated seats, heated steering wheel, and remote start and this momma is jealous on all these cold (for Texas) winter mornings.


2. Whitlee’s new tricks .. she’s climbing on everything, hiding from us, and overall just being adorable. Plus this new thing where she puts her head on the floor and looks through her legs. Old wives tale says “they’re looking for another baby.” Like, it’s their way of letting mom and dad know they’re ready for a sibling. Seriously, Google it. (no, not pregnant)



3. Maskcara IIID foundation. I’ve only gotten to use it once so far, but I love the ease of highlighting and contouring and it feels like I’m actually not wearing makeup. I’m anxious to see what it would look like over my normal foundation for a more heavy makeup situation (pictures, special events). But seriously, so far I love it. You should check out her blog for amazing before and after pictures since I don’t have one to show you personally yet.

4. I’m putting Nolan on daddy duty tomorrow while I go get one of my two massages that I got for Christmas. Hallelujah!

5. And on that note, I’m actually loving my sore muscles right now. I was working out regularly throughout November and into December, but my membership at my old gym was up mid December. I wanted to join a different gym in our town and it’s so much better. The old one kind of smelled weird, had some sketchy people, and was kind of creepy at night. I’m back on a schedule and feeling good knowing that sore muscles = progress!

Happy Friday, ya’ll!


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Good to see a post from you! Someone else posted on fb that old wives tale. Mackenzie is doing it too.

    Good for you for working out! I need to do it soooo badly. Going to try 3 days a week starting next week and see if I can get into a groove.

  2. Congrats on the new truck. I love it. I see you are working your booty off to get back in shape!!! As if you need that!!!!!!! But, I guess you want to be all fit before we get Whitlee A LITTLE BROTHER OR SISTER!! Apparently she’s looking for one. Lol!! I love you all soooo much. Take care and don’t hurt yourself trying to get fit to get fat< LMBO!!!!!!!!! I do think a new great grand baby would be sweet!!!!! Hugs and Kisses!!!!!!

    • Haha Nanny you always make me laugh! My booty DEFINITELY needs help haha but yes, hope to get fit to get fat soon! 🙂 and hoping to be able to go with the whole a body in motion tends to stay in motion thing and keep it up during the next baby. We’re hoping for later this year! Hugs and kisses and we love you too!!

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