Whitlee Says

I decided after the fun, but stressful, escapade of trying to do weekly bump updates with Whitlee and then monthly updates with her up to a year, I would relax a little and just be more present. I still take tons of pictures and videos of her, but I’m not shoving my dslr in her face every month now. She hated those days towards the end. I was lucky to get one shot out of 100 that she wasn’t just pissed that I was trying to contain her. That being said, I’ll probably still do some type of quarterly update, so we’ll see about that towards the end of the month after her 15 month appointment.


For now though, I wanted to make a list of everything this girl is saying right now. I swear she says something new every day and is beginning to repeat a lot of stuff we say. I do want to preface all of this by saying I really don’t think this is all normal for her to say this much stuff at her age, but have you met me? I’m a talker. I think a talkative child was to be expected. Plus she still doesn’t sleep through the night, so there’s that to knock my over achiever back down to normal. 😉

Her first word was Dada, followed by Daddy a few times. Now she intentionally calls for Nolan by “Dada!” Yes with the exclamation point… its usually some type of excitement for daddy. We have her infant car seat sitting in the house right now and she got stuck in it the other day, and started yelling for “Dada!” to come help her.

Her second word was Mama, thank God. Now she likes to cling to my legs while I’m cooking and be extremely pitiful and look up and say “Maaamaaa”. She knows I’ll pick her up every time. I’m a sucker like that. She also pulls the same thing in the middle of the night from her crib.


Lately though, we’ve got a never-ending list of words that actually go with their corresponding items. She can spot them a mile away and trips to Wal-Mart are especially fun, because if she lays eyes on it, then she thinks we need it.



Boon (Balloon)

Ba-Ba (Bottle)

Bink Bink (trying to get rid of this one)



Bye Bye



Aw-wight (Alright)


Night Night

Ni-ner (Tyner, her cousin / best friend)




And the newest and most unbelievable – dinosaur. It comes out more like “diiiii-saaurrr”, but you can definitely tell what she’s saying. Especially if she’s handing you a T-Rex at the same time.

She can also do a couple of animal sounds.

Me: “Whitlee, what’s a cow say?”

Whitlee: “Mmmmmmmm”

(We haven’t quite got the “ooo” down yet.)


Me: “What’s a chicken say?”

Whitlee: “Bock Bock Bock”

(My in-laws have horses, cows, and chickens.)

The best part is her understanding us so well now. We basically can have a small conversation now.


Me: “Whitlee, did you bump your head?”

Whitlee: “No”

Me: “Oh, are you okay then?”

Whitlee: “Okay”


Me: “Ready for a bath?!”

Whitlee: “Bath!!”

Me: “Alright, lets go!”

Whitlee: “Aw-wight”

She also knows that when you’re about to get off the phone with someone or you’re leaving someone’s house and you kind of say “Alright, well I’ll talk to you later” or “Alright, we’ll see you later”, she knows that means you’re telling them bye next, so EVERY time, she starts saying “Bye. Bye Bye. Bye. Bye”. Such manners, that one.

So that’s our little chatterbox in a nutshell at 14 ½ months. I’m curious though, what was your kiddo’s first words? Leave me a comment and let me know! Happy Friday, ya’ll!



4 thoughts on “Whitlee Says

  1. Wow she says so many words! That’s just awesome!

    Pretty sure Mackenzie’s first word was “mama” followed by “cat”.

    She has such blonde hair! It’s just amazing how much the girls keep changing.

    Hope you all are doing well. We have this never ending virus going around here. I had to pick up M from daycare today due to throwing up. Not fun!

    • Omgosh, yes, her hair is so blonde! My husband’s was super super blonde when he was little. It’s so crazy that she was born dark headed and it all fell out and came back that light.

      But we’re doing good! Poor Mackenzie! I hate that feeling of our kids being sick. Whitlee randomly had a rash on her chest a few weeks ago with no additional symptoms and it stuck around so I took her in and they said it was the after effects of a virus. We never actually witnessed the virus though, so I’m thankful for that. I sure hope y’all can kick it soon!!

      • Aww well it’s adorable! Mackenzie’s is lighter than I thought it would be – my husband and I are both fairly dark. I think she got a little bit of the red that runs on my dad’s side of the family.

        I’m glad the rash was nothing serious. I hope you don’t ever have to deal with what we have. I’m hoping lots of rest this weekend will be in our favor.

  2. I absolutely cannot believe all the words this baby is saying!!!!! She is soooooo smart ( like her Nanny ) LOL!!! Seriously, she is super smart. So proud of her. I know she has picked up on so much from you by working with her. I truly LOVED getting to Skype with her. She is ADORABLE!!! And that hair! Looks like gold. So happy for you and your family. Wonderful parents and a SUPER BRIGHT BABY!! Love to all.

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