Whitlee | 15 Months

I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months (umm, sorry, its been like 4 since this post has been chilling on my computer for forever) since Miss Whitlee turned a year old. She is what seems like a full blown toddler now and keeps us on our toes every second of every day. I wish I could record every single thing she does because I’m amazed and amused and entertained and so full of love for this girl. She is simply the best.


We had her 15 month appointment a little late due to some scheduling issues at her pediatrician, but she’s now 19.8 lbs, and is 29.5” tall. Her pediatrician said she’s in the 24th percentile for weight and 15th for height. Still not super huge, but she’s basically normal. Her pediatrician asked a lot about her milestones, especially talking and they were really impressed with that. They said she’s very smart for her age. Proud mama!


She’s doing really well with 100% whole milk. It took us about a month after 12 months to do the full swap. She had some stomach issues during the switch, so we just took it slow and she finally got past it. We’re also completely done with bottles; she’s on just sippy cups now. She finally got the hang of tilting her cup and she’s a pro. I’m not sure how much she’s drinking daily, but she drinks probably around a little over a gallon a week, which if I had to guess is around 18-20 oz a day. She’s constantly asking for “milkmilkmilkmilkmilk”. She’s also eating pretty well most of the time. She has spurts where she’s a snacker, then she has spurts where she can’t eat enough. We try to do a good balance of convenient foods, typical toddler foods, and healthy foods like yogurt, whole grain, and vegetables. The kid loves macaroni and cheese, so yes, she gets macaroni and cheese a lot, but usually with some kind of protein and vegetable to go with it.

 Food Likes: Macaroni and cheese, yogurt, oranges, spinach and cheese ravioli, Gerber lil crunchies, deer meat (venison), chicken, baked potatoes, pancakes/waffles, grilled cheese, fish stick, cheerios, steak

Food Dislikes: She is her daddy’s kid – hates avocados and boiled eggs, as does he.


Maybe the tiniest bit of progress here. She goes down really easily at night. I actually think we’re even past the point of any milk just before bed, which is a good thing since we’re brushing her teeth twice a day now, which she loves. Anytime we’re in the bathroom she says “teeeeeth?”. The bedtime routine is the same every night, which I think is the reason she’s so good about it. She gets a bath and jammies, asks for her bink bink, lately adding “peace” (please) to the end of it, then we read a book together as a family, she gives everybody good night sugars (including the characters in the book), and then we lay her down in her bed with her “blank”, turn on the Sleep Sheep and close the door. She’s usually out in less than 5 minutes.

Lately, she has been making it from 7:30 PM to about 4:00 AM before she wakes up and can’t get back to sleep on her own (usually due to a lost bink bink), and that’s when I bring her to bed with me and get a little more sleep until about 7/7:30 AM.

We have consolidated to one nap most of the time, usually immediately after lunch from about 12:30 – 3:30. Occasionally she needs a little cat nap in the mid morning, but its hardly ever more than 30-40 minutes and then she’ll still nap 2.5/3 hours that afternoon. I really like the one nap schedule because it’s easier to be out and about for the majority of the morning.


-Oh man, molars. Like always, she’s cutting her first two molars at the same time. That will make 10 teeth now.

-Climbing up and down the porch steps

-Give the BEST sugars and her hugs are the sweetest

-Tells everyone “bye bye” and blows sugars without being asked

-Knows that the requirements for going outside are shoes and a jacket, so when she wants to go outside she brings her shoes and jacket to you

-Can climb on her riding toys and get back off without falling

-Basically running now

Good Lord, I cant get over her absolute toddler-ness at this point. She is no longer a baby and somehow just knows things that I’m not even sure where she learned them. Like last night I got taco shells out of the cabinet for dinner and she suddenly started saying “taco! taco!”. I don’t even know how she knows what tacos are.. we haven’t had them in a very long time. I just made a quick list of all of the words she says and its in the neighborhood of 40 words. She’s also starting to put two words together like “thank you” and “good girl”. She can say several colors, but doesn’t recognize what color is what yet. She says blue, green, yellow, red, purple, pink, and orange. She does several animal sounds – cows, chickens, horses, cats, dogs, and owls. Her horse sound is the funniest! She recognizes people in pictures – mama, daddy, pawpaw, mawmaw, yaya, tyner, Aunt Kendal. She’s also started pointing at people and saying their name, then pointing at herself and sometimes saying what sounds like “Whitlee”. She says baby and ba-ba (bottle) and knows that her baby dolls get a ba-ba. She knows that her bink bink is only for night time and naps now, so when she wakes up, she hands it to me and says “bye bye, bink bink”. She asks for milk now and we’re working on adding please to her requests so it is the c u t e s t, when she walks up to me and says “milk” and I remind her to say please and she says “milk, peace”. I seriously die. She repeats just about everything you say to her. So much fun!

She’s wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, with the occasionally 18-24 outfit. She wears a size 4 shoes and size 4 diapers.


-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but starting to like Minnie Mouse the best. Calls her “Mimmy”

-Baby dolls and taking care of them – rocking them, wrapping them in a blanket, giving them a bottle

-Bicycles – we got her a Weeride Kangaroo recently and she loves it

-Being outside

-Remotes/Cell Phones (holds phones up to her ear now and says “HEWW-OOOO!”)

-Animals, especially dogs and chickens

-Being thrown in the air and caught, especially when daddy does it because he throws her super high

-Being chased

-When you hide and scare her

-Tents or boxes – anything she can climb inside

-To open and close doors

-Carrying things or “helping” mama. She carries my lunch kit to the car every morning for me and to the house every afternoon for me. Will seriously throw a fit if I don’t let her help me.

-Brushing her teeth (thank goodness)


The only thing she really gets upset about is being inside when she wants to go outside, and when we close a door because she doesn’t need to be in that room. Other than that, she’s pretty happy!

Another 3 months in to this motherhood thing and I have to say I love every single day. I honestly don’t know what we did with ourselves before her. Happy 15 months, Whitlee bug! We love you more than you will ever ever know!