Old Wives Tales

I can’t believe is almost already that time! Our gender ultrasound is scheduled for November 30 (15 weeks) and our gender reveal party is the following Sunday, December 4. This time we are switching it up a bit though! With Whitlee, Nolan and I found out her gender at the ultrasound and then had a party to share it with our family and friends. This time, I’m going to the ultrasound solo, getting the ultrasound tech to put the results in an envelope, and we’ll be finding out the gender with everyone else. I’m so excited and anxious! 

I thought it would be fun to do the old wives tales again and let everyone reading vote again. So here they are!

Morning sickness? They say if you’re sick, it’s a girl and if not, it might be a boy. I was super sick with Whitlee and haven’t been anything close to that this time. BOY

Baby’s heartbeat? Supposedly a higher heartbeat means a girl and lower means boy. Whitlee’s was in the 160’s and this baby was 141 at my last appointment. BOY

Craving salty or sweet? Salty leans towards boy and sweets means girl. Most recently, I think my legitimate cravings have been sweet. I seriously ate a waffle with butter and powdered sugar the other night to satisfy a sudden craving for cake. GIRL

Graceful or clumsy? Graceful means a little girl and clumsy would be boy. I have been insanely clumsy, but I was with Whitlee too. This might just be a pregnancy thing for me! BOY

Chinese Calendar prediction – Chinese calendar predicts by the month baby was conceived and the age of the mom. I had Whitlee’s miscalculated last time, it actually said girl for her. This time – BOY 

Mayan calendar prediction – The mayans predict based on the age of the mom and the month conceived too but it calculates odds and evens based on that. Two evens or two odds are a girl, and opposite is a boy. It said girl with Whitlee. This time – GIRL

Is dad gaining weight too? Supposedly if the daddy to be is gaining weight with mom, it’s possible there’s a sweet little girl in there! Nolan seems to have been eating for two as well lately, so yes. GIRL

Hand test – a friend of mine told me this one. They said if you tell a pregnant woman to put both hands out without telling them why, and she places them out palms down, it’s a girl, and palms up, it’s a boy. We tested this on three people we knew were pregnant and knew what the baby was already and it was true! I put mine out palms up. BOY

Previous child’s age at conception – This one only works if previous kiddo is less than 2 years old. An ultrasound tech our family uses swears it’s never been wrong. She says if your previous child is an odd number months old when the second baby is conceived it’s the opposite sex, even months age, same sex. Whitlee was 21 months when we conceived #2. BOY

So once again, there are a lot of them pointing towards a boy, but to be fair, there were a lot saying boy with Whitlee, too. Two and a half weeks to go! 

And I’d love to know what everyone thinks this time. Last time I believe it was 100% girl guesses here on the blog. Post your guess in the comments! 


4 thoughts on “Old Wives Tales

  1. Well, Jai, according to the ” Old Wives Tale “, we have 6 for Boy and 3 for Girl. I tell you from this Old Wife, i just feel like BOY!!!! Don’t really know why. Just a feeling. Then again, it could be just because we would kinda like to see a ” Wee Nolan “. LOL!!! BUT, one thing’s for sure, I DON’T CARE!! I just want a healthy baby and mother. And you know a mini Whitlee would be awesome! After all, you are already dressed for a girl!! ( smile ) You just take care of yourself and baby. Also. BE SURE to have your mama Skype me for the reveal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all very much and soooo looking forward to Dec. 4!!!!!!!! GO TEAM BOY!!!!!!!!! Good Luck, Nolan!! LOL!!!!!!

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