Whitlee | Two Years 

Where in the world has time gone? How do we have a T W O year old?? Our baby girl just blew through her second birthday and left her poor momma over here in the dust, wondering where my tiny baby went. But here we are.. a two year update. Our Whitlee is ALL girl. She loves skirts and bows, sometimes wearing multiple tutus at one time. She loves her tea sets and giving people “haircuts”.  She is the sweetest, snuggliest little girl and is so quick to brighten someone’s day. She tells everyone in the store “hi!” and gives hugs and kisses so freely to be people she loves, sometimes 100% unprompted, and I swear my heart just explodes. My favorite is when she grabs your face and plants one on you unexpectedly. She insists that we’re having a baby sister and most recently, boy or girl, we’re naming the baby “Tick Tock”. I’ll have to remember to put that in the baby’s book. 😊 

Our girl is a major talker; she got that one honest. But we are forever amazed at the phrases she says and the stuff she picks up and unfortunately some of the stuff she repeats. She likes to say “me go?” and “let Maggie out!” and the other day “Maggie don’t get me no more” complete with a finger pointing, bossing the dog. She’s actually pretty bossy sometimes and has a little bit of attitude, sometimes telling me “okaaayyy, maaamaaa” , and I swear she’s 16 already. But then she says “I love you!” and all is well. 

Stats: We go for her two year appointment next week but we were just at the doctor earlier this week and she was 22 lbs and 33 inches tall. Those measurements put her in the less than 5 percentile on weight but in the 25th for height. Still a little skinny, but looking like she’s taking after her daddy. He’s tall and thin too.

Eating: Food is still sometimes a struggle. It comes and goes a lot and she’ll eat everything in the house one day and then won’t hardly eat anything at all the next. When she does eat, she’s fully feeding herself, using utensils pretty darn well for the most part. She can even eat cereal with milk, mostly without spilling. She’s a big snacker, like her momma. I can always tell when she’s had a lot of snacks, because she won’t touch her next meal, so we try to keep the snacks down to a few a day. When I noticed her weight was slowing down, that preemie mom anxiety got me a little again and I started making her eat the yogurt squeezers on top of whatever meal we were eating at the time. It helped though; she gained a few lbs in the month or so after that.

Food Likes: Still loves macaroni and cheese and is very picky about the brand. She will only eat Velveeta Shells and Cheese. No other kinds will do. Also loves chips, chicken, grapes, olives (green and black), sausage, waffles, cheese, black eyed peas, and oranges. I think her absolute favorite right now is pizza. 

Food Dislikes: She still won’t do mashed potatoes, really potatoes of any kind except french fries and doesn’t like eggs or baked beans. She also doesn’t care much for any drinks other than milk. Happy about that one, though! Occasionally she asks for water. 

Sleep: She does really well sleeping in her crib all night, usually sleeping 12 hours. She takes one nap, about mid day that lasts about an hour and a half up to two hours, and randomly a super long one at closer to three hours. We just bought her a twin size bed and will hopefully be transitioning to that sometime after the new year. I’m a little nervous for that! 


-She has a full set of teeth all the way up to the first set of molars, and the next set are about to break through the skin. Those canine teeth were R O U G H. 

-Talking in full sentences now, usually 3-5 words. 

-We’re smack dab in the middle of potty training. She can go all day 100% with no accidents, IF I let her go naked. Panties are still a struggle.

-sings several songs with shocking accuracy, including “Hello” by Adele, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, and Jingle Bells


-Movies – favorites are Finding Nemo, Minions, Frozen, and How the Grinch stole Christmas 

-Baby dolls and taking care of them – she got a baby stroller, high chair, and bed for her birthday and she’s been obsessed. 

-Bathtime, hates to get out and tells me “can’t get out, I’m fish.”

-Being outside


-Playing in the dirt

-Riding in her stroller


-Being inside

-Being told no


-Getting her nose wiped

We love you so much, little girl! We never knew what we were missing before you and as I’ve said a million times before, we are so thankful we get to be your parents. 


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