Baby Hillin #2 | Gender Reveal

We found out that the weather forecast here in Texas for this weekend was probably the worst weather we’ve had all year, intensely cold and thunder storming, so we moved the gender reveal up to this evening! We shined all of the headlights out on our little box of tannerite and colored chalk, and Nolan shot it with a rifle. It was supposed to explode into this amazing cloud of blue or pink chalk. So they yell “fire in the hole!”….anddddd…. nothing happened. 

He shot it over and over and over (yes, hitting it every time) and that sucker never exploded. He finally broke through the box and the chalk puffed enough just to show the color…. and Baby Hillin #2 is

a BOY!!

I wish I could show y’all a super awesome video but since we moved it up so quickly, it was a little hectic and then we had a faulty batch of tannerite, so it wasn’t that super impressive of a display. But everyone got the idea and we are all so excited!! The video of our little puff of blue is on my Instagram if you care to see it. 

Oh and our baby boy’s name! 

Huck Inlow 💙 


8 thoughts on “Baby Hillin #2 | Gender Reveal

  1. Yay for little boys! I knew it! Congratulations!

    As for the weather. I will trade you anytime over the next 3-4 months. I despise winter here in the great state of Iowa!

  2. Or it’s pregnancy brain, and I did read your post (obviously because I commented on Dec. 2) but didn’t remember or realize you picked out a name 🙂 love it!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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