Baby Hillin #2 | Halfway Update

Nolan and I went to my 20 week appointment this morning for the anatomy scan ultrasound and checkup. They checked on all of Huck’s organs and parts, measured everything in depth, and confirmed he is indeed a boy. I had this weird fear that “what if our first ultrasound was wrong” but he’s definitely a boy! His heartbeat was 145 and he’s weighing about 13 oz and measuring about 4 days ahead. Nolan’s pawpaw is predicting a 9 pounder. I guess we’ll see! I’d be thrilled with a big baby as long as he’s healthy. Unfortunately, baby boy had his hands all in his face again and kept turning back and forth facing my back so the ultrasound tech couldn’t get a shot of his profile, just another odd face picture and a picture of his boy parts. I’ll spare you that one. I kind of hate that we had so many good ultrasound pictures of Whitlee at this point but none of Huck yet. We did get to see his profile for a split second but it was fast and he turned again. 

I’ve gained 17 lbs now and I’m measuring 21 weeks. I was correct about my uterus being above my belly button, which is why its flat already. The charts I looked at before were for an average torso and mine is a little shorter than average but since he’s measuring a little ahead, it’s not too bad that I am too. I’ll take it! And I love being able to use that as my comeback – well actually we’re right on track, thank you very much! 

Since this was the halfway mark, we talked a bit about the plan for the rest of my pregnancy. My blood pressure has been doing really well on the Aldomet and I’m still on the lowest dose so that’s good. All of our blood work for spinal birth defects came back normal. We were told I’d be starting ultrasounds every 4 weeks for the rest of my pregnancy, so 4 or 5 more, at least. I’ll also start non stress tests at 32 weeks and do those twice a week until delivery. Oh and glucose tolerance around 26 weeks. I’m really glad they’re monitoring everything really close and feel like we all agree that healthy and full term is the main goal. So here’s to an uneventful second half! 


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