Baby Hillin #2 | 36 Weeks 

How Far Along: 36 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): large papaya or a cabbage patch doll

Gender: It’s a Boy!

Weight Gain: up to 36 lbs. My goal each pregnancy has been to stay around 40 so I might be just that by the end. I gained 50 with Whitlee at 34 weeks. 

Belly Button In or Out: Still mostly flat

Wedding Rings On or Off: Off but I actually think I could still wear them sometimes. When I walk around a lot and my hands hang down, they swell a little so I went ahead and took them off. Wearing my pink Qalo ring instead. 

Sleep: So so so tired all the time. Huck had a slight arrhythmia at his biophysical profile ultrasound at 34 weeks so they asked me to stop all caffeine to see if it improved. I don’t drink much, usually one cup of coffee in the morning and then a Diet Coke with dinner but going 100% caffeine free has sucked any last bit of energy I ever thought about having. The arrhythmia was still there at 35 week appointment so it’s unlikely my caffeine had anything to do with it but they checked for hydrops which was the main concern of any kind of arrhythmia and he was clear there so they’re just going to keep an eye on it. I didn’t ask but they also didn’t say that I could have minimal caffeine again. 😝

Best Moment The Last Few Weeks: I think just knowing he’ll be here soon! And being so proud that I’m S T I L L pregnant! Car seat has been installed and Huck’s bag is packed. My bag is technically packed too but I still have to add the items I use on a daily basis. My MFM recommended when I come for my weekly appointments to travel with my bag packed because I could be told I’m staying any time, so every Friday I finish packing my bag and then unpack it when I get home. 

Miss Anything: caffeine and carbs

Movement: Huck still moves like crazy and I still love it. Every once in a while, he catches me right in the ribs and it takes my breath away. I don’t know if it’s because he’s bigger than Whitlee and that we’re further gestational wise but he is a lot stronger than she was! Also, he’s still in the same position, head down with his back and butt on my right, feet over to the left but he’s starting to move down some and he’s facing my back – all good signs for birthing this boy! Oh and he has a head full of hair!

Cravings/Aversions: I had been craving Mexican food but we ate that finally this past weekend. I could probably go for crawfish one more time! Nothing too specific though. 

Symptoms: My Braxton hicks have increased quite a bit and every once in a while I have a semi painful one. Also starting to ever so slightly get the dark line on my belly. I got it really early with Whitlee and I wondered if it would ever show up this time. 

Additional Notes: I’m so proud to have made it past 34 weeks! I still feel overall “better” than I did in my first pregnancy and still no signs of preeclampsia. Blood pressure is holding stable and my feet, hands, and face have resisted much swelling. I still say “much” because my face is a little bit fuller just from pregnancy in general and my hands and feet are a tiny bit swollen after a lot of activity or a long day but they seem to fluctuate and go back down some when I prop my feet up or just drink some water. 

I’m still going to my doctors appointments in Houston once a week for normal checkups, NSTs, and a biophysical ultrasounds. If you missed my Huck’s Heart update, we will actually be “moving” to Houston soon per the recommendation of our doctors and we’ll stay there until Huck is born and then gets to come home. Currently they are saying he will go straight to the cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) while they map out the complex anatomy of his heart and then we’ll start talking about a concrete plan. There are a few situations they want to monitor over an extended period of time to be sure he’s stable before they allow him to go home. We’ll also find out if he’ll need surgery immediately or if it can wait a few months. 

I had another visit with my MFM this past week and we discussed my delivery plan a little more in depth. She said that because I’m currently an insulin dependent gestational diabetic and being “treated” for chronic hypertension, that my risk for a whole list of things go up the closer I get to 40+ weeks so she didn’t feel comfortable letting me go past 39 weeks. She was still very encouraging of the VBAC, but we did discuss the scenarios where she felt a repeat c section may be a better route. She checked me and I’m currently 1 cm dilated and starting to soften. Doesn’t mean much except that my body is starting to get ready since the week before I hadn’t had any of that. But I was so glad! I never even had a hint of dilation with Whitlee. So she said based on that, she felt comfortable scheduling an induction at 39 weeks as opposed to jumping straight to repeat c section. We’ll start a Foley catheter the night of the 17th and see what happens if he hasn’t come before then but between 38 and 39, we’re all hoping he comes on his own. So Huck will be on his way on or before May 17/18!

That means we have 3 more weeks or less. What. In. The. World. I can’t believe we made it this far!

12 weeks vs 36 weeks 


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