Songs I’m Loving

Day 21 of the 31 day blogging challenge is “10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now”. Some of these are old and some are new but they are in continuous rotation on my phone. Some of the links are to my favorite version of the song. Pay special attention to #6. The two little girls singing this song are amazing.

1. Reckless by Kip Moore

2. Long Hot Summer Day by Turnpike Troubadours

3. Take Me to Church by Hozier

4. Break Up With Him by Old Dominion

5. Your Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

6. I’m Not The Only One by Sam Smith

7. You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive by Ruby Friedman Orchestra

8. Make Me Wanna by Thomas Rhett

9. Smoke When I Drink by Kelleigh Bannen

10. Don’t It by Billy Currington


In 10 Years

Day 20 of the 31 day blogging challenge is “where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

In 10 years, Whitlee will be 10! Oh Lord, help us. I feel like I’m in for a rough one with this girl. She’s already proven to be so strong and so smart, 10 year old Whitlee will give me a run for my money!

I hope that by then our house is definitely built and that Nolan is finally done with all of his “projects”. I’m ready to slow down a bit and relax, but that guy has a full agenda all. the. time. But he sure makes things happen fast. Usually when he gives me a time frame, he beats it by a good bit. Our land and current house are a true testament to his abilities.

I think within 10 years if we decide to try again, we’d have a second kiddo, or maybe a third if we get a wild hair. Who knows!

I’m sure Nolan and I will both be at our current jobs since we both like what we do and have really great employers. I’m hoping that we’ve both moved up though.

10 years… whew. It’ll be here before we know it!


Playing catch up today! Texas has had wonderful weather the past few days so Whitlee and I have been outside soaking it up as much as possible.

Day 18 of the 31 day blogging challenge is “what am I afraid of”? (That sentence is a grammar nightmare.)

-I’m most afraid of something happening to Whitlee. SIDS terrifies me and I’m constantly checking to make sure she’s breathing. Sometimes she’s sleeping so good, it makes me nervous!
-Sometimes I worry about someone breaking in our house. A long time ago, a random person broke into a house in the town closest to us and killed everyone in it. I will never forget that.

-Getting old and losing my memory. My grandpa had Alzheimer’s and I worry about getting it too.

-And on a lighter note, Whitlee as a teenager! 😨😨

Favorite Childhood Book

Day 17 of the 31 day blogging challenge is my favorite childhood book.

I remember in first grade we got to bring our favorite book to school to read at story time and I brought Wacky Wednesday by Dr Seuss. I’d read it over and over again. I can’t wait to read it to Whitlee one day!


Then a little later, my favorite books were The Babysitter’s Club series. I read every single one.


Dream Job Now

Day 16 of the 31 day blogging challenge is my dream job at 31. Well I’m not quite 31 yet, but at 27 I guess it’d be about the same in a few years. My dream job would be basically anything that would allowed me to work from home! Of course!

But I’ve truly always wanted to own my own business. I’ve thought about opening a boutique several times but there are so many in this area and it’s tough competition. Our tiny little town has two and I have a hard time believing either one do very well. I day dream all the time about what kind of business I could open here that would do well and allow me to be home more or bring Whitlee with me.

But in the mean time, aside from leaving my baby girl, I do actually like my job.

A Day In the Life

Day 14 of the 31 day blogging challenge is a day in the life. I’ve been wanting to do a post like this anyway so I waited til today so I’d only do it once for now. I’ve seen other bloggers do it every quarter and I may end up doing the same so I can see the changes. Right now I’m on maternity leave and Whitlee is 10 weeks old.

1:30 AM – Whitlee is awake and hungry, eats 3 oz.

1:55 AM – We’re both back to bed.

4:20 AM – Whitlee starts fussing, then falls back asleep on her own.

4:45 AM – She’s awake for sure now, but it ends up being a fight just to get her to eat 2 oz. The nipple was messed up in her bottle so it spilled on her and we had to change clothes, which she hates.

5:30 AM – We’re back to bed and I notice my stomach hurts and I feel crampy. Bleh.

7:00 AM – Nolan leaves for work, tells me bye and accidentally wakes Whitlee up too. She doesn’t need to eat again for another hour and a half at least, so I break the rules and bring her to bed with me because I don’t feel very good.

9:30 AM – We’re both awake and Whitlee eats 4 oz. I realize I’ve started my first period since being pregnant. Oh yay. We snuggle and watch Kelly and Michael.

10:15 AM – I put Whitlee back down for nap and while she sleeps, I attempt to make breakfast, but realize my almond milk is frozen. So I set it out on the counter to defrost and eat hashbrowns and egg whites instead. I halfway watch The Price is Right while I talk to my mom.

11:40 AM – Whitlee wakes back up, I hold her til she falls back asleep and then lay her back down in her crib.

12:30 PM – She starts stirring so I warm a bottle, but she falls back asleep. I guess this will be 4 hours between feedings.

1:00 PM – She made it 3.5 hours. She wakes up and eats 3 oz. I shop online for a Wubbanub while she falls back asleep at about 1:45. Put her back in her crib and make homemade wheat chips, wash bottles, make new ones, and notice we’re getting lowish on breast milk, so I research formula guidelines so I’m prepared for the swap.

2:30 PM – Whitlee is awake again, so we start some laundry, and fold the load from the dryer.

3:00 PM – Whitlee plays in the Rock and Play, holding Wubbanub that she’s suddenly decided she doesn’t hate, and fights the hiccups while I eat a snack.

3:30 PM – The R&P doesn’t last long, Whitlee is screaming. I pick her up and she lays on my shoulder, wide awake and content.

3:36 PM – She’s sound asleep.. yes, 6 minutes later. I let her sleep on me for the afternoon.

5:00 PM – Daddy comes home early because I have a massage appointment from a Christmas gift. He feeds her a bottle as I’m leaving and I warn him she hasn’t pooped all day.

6:00 PM – My massage starts. Couldn’t have come at a better time since the whole first period since pregnancy thing happened today. It was a 1 hour full body relaxation massage that Nolan’s aunt and uncle got for me at Christmas. They thought I might need it. 🙂

7:30 PM – I’m back home, and daddy says she ate 5.5 oz, and pooped 3 times while I was gone! She also stayed awake the whole time. I think we have a witching hour baby on our hands.  She’s normally awake and not very happy around this time. I run her some bathwater in the sink and give her a bath, which almost always calms her down. It works… she’s a happy camper in the tub sink.

8:00 PM – I feed Whitlee again, she only eats 2 oz and I change another poop diaper. That’s 4 in 3 hours. Guess she was playing catch up. I get her swaddled and she’s asleep in my arms in less than 5 minutes. I lay her back down in her crib.

8:30 PM – I cook supper, then me and Nolan eat and I shop online for Whitlee some holey jeans my friend Kaitlin was telling me about. They’re so cute!

9:06 PM – Whitlee wakes up, fussing and cries a little and I watched her on the monitor while she decides if she’s going back to sleep or not. She goes in and out for a while.

9:30 PM – I finally decide she might still be hungry so I get her and fed her 2 more oz.

10:00 PM – Whitlee goes back in her crib, and me and Nolan get in bed. We should all be asleep soon!

10:30 PM – I’m just about finished with this post and I hear Whitlee finally get quiet. Time to get a few hours sleep before I start it all over again!

Whew! That was a little harder to keep up with that I thought it’d be!