A Day In the Life

Day 14 of the 31 day blogging challenge is a day in the life. I’ve been wanting to do a post like this anyway so I waited til today so I’d only do it once for now. I’ve seen other bloggers do it every quarter and I may end up doing the same so I can see the changes. Right now I’m on maternity leave and Whitlee is 10 weeks old.

1:30 AM – Whitlee is awake and hungry, eats 3 oz.

1:55 AM – We’re both back to bed.

4:20 AM – Whitlee starts fussing, then falls back asleep on her own.

4:45 AM – She’s awake for sure now, but it ends up being a fight just to get her to eat 2 oz. The nipple was messed up in her bottle so it spilled on her and we had to change clothes, which she hates.

5:30 AM – We’re back to bed and I notice my stomach hurts and I feel crampy. Bleh.

7:00 AM – Nolan leaves for work, tells me bye and accidentally wakes Whitlee up too. She doesn’t need to eat again for another hour and a half at least, so I break the rules and bring her to bed with me because I don’t feel very good.

9:30 AM – We’re both awake and Whitlee eats 4 oz. I realize I’ve started my first period since being pregnant. Oh yay. We snuggle and watch Kelly and Michael.

10:15 AM – I put Whitlee back down for nap and while she sleeps, I attempt to make breakfast, but realize my almond milk is frozen. So I set it out on the counter to defrost and eat hashbrowns and egg whites instead. I halfway watch The Price is Right while I talk to my mom.

11:40 AM – Whitlee wakes back up, I hold her til she falls back asleep and then lay her back down in her crib.

12:30 PM – She starts stirring so I warm a bottle, but she falls back asleep. I guess this will be 4 hours between feedings.

1:00 PM – She made it 3.5 hours. She wakes up and eats 3 oz. I shop online for a Wubbanub while she falls back asleep at about 1:45. Put her back in her crib and make homemade wheat chips, wash bottles, make new ones, and notice we’re getting lowish on breast milk, so I research formula guidelines so I’m prepared for the swap.

2:30 PM – Whitlee is awake again, so we start some laundry, and fold the load from the dryer.

3:00 PM – Whitlee plays in the Rock and Play, holding Wubbanub that she’s suddenly decided she doesn’t hate, and fights the hiccups while I eat a snack.

3:30 PM – The R&P doesn’t last long, Whitlee is screaming. I pick her up and she lays on my shoulder, wide awake and content.

3:36 PM – She’s sound asleep.. yes, 6 minutes later. I let her sleep on me for the afternoon.

5:00 PM – Daddy comes home early because I have a massage appointment from a Christmas gift. He feeds her a bottle as I’m leaving and I warn him she hasn’t pooped all day.

6:00 PM – My massage starts. Couldn’t have come at a better time since the whole first period since pregnancy thing happened today. It was a 1 hour full body relaxation massage that Nolan’s aunt and uncle got for me at Christmas. They thought I might need it. 🙂

7:30 PM – I’m back home, and daddy says she ate 5.5 oz, and pooped 3 times while I was gone! She also stayed awake the whole time. I think we have a witching hour baby on our hands.  She’s normally awake and not very happy around this time. I run her some bathwater in the sink and give her a bath, which almost always calms her down. It works… she’s a happy camper in the tub sink.

8:00 PM – I feed Whitlee again, she only eats 2 oz and I change another poop diaper. That’s 4 in 3 hours. Guess she was playing catch up. I get her swaddled and she’s asleep in my arms in less than 5 minutes. I lay her back down in her crib.

8:30 PM – I cook supper, then me and Nolan eat and I shop online for Whitlee some holey jeans my friend Kaitlin was telling me about. They’re so cute!

9:06 PM – Whitlee wakes up, fussing and cries a little and I watched her on the monitor while she decides if she’s going back to sleep or not. She goes in and out for a while.

9:30 PM – I finally decide she might still be hungry so I get her and fed her 2 more oz.

10:00 PM – Whitlee goes back in her crib, and me and Nolan get in bed. We should all be asleep soon!

10:30 PM – I’m just about finished with this post and I hear Whitlee finally get quiet. Time to get a few hours sleep before I start it all over again!

Whew! That was a little harder to keep up with that I thought it’d be!