Happy Halloween!

This year I sort of let Whitlee pick her costume. I made a collage of four pictures of costumes I was thinking about and let her pick from the four. She picked Tinkerbell! 


I don’t know if you remember last years costume, but she was a kitty cat and I made her entire costume. And it lasted for all of about 10 minutes before she shed the tutu and the tail. She only kept the ears on. So this year, I happened to roll through the Halloween aisle at Walmart and a perfectly sized tinkerbell costume jumped out at me. 

So I went with mostly store bought this year but I did make her shoes myself. I took a pair of second hand Toms and glued green glitter all over, then hot glued little bells on white pom poms and hot glued them to her shoes. They were adorable! 


Here’s our crew of four (soon to be SIX!) – Supergirl, Jack Skellington, Tinkerbell and the tiniest baseball player. We did a hayride in my sister in laws pasture and the kids LOVED it! Whitlee has asked to go another hayride every day since. Holidays with kids are so much fun! Next year I’m hoping to at least coordinate my two (two!) and maybe coordinate with the others. 



Whitlee’s First Birthday Party

We decided to have Whitlee’s birthday party on December 5th so that more family could be there. Originally I had plans to do a pink and gold birthday, but since she has decided she’s pretty much obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I changed my mind. We decided to go with a red, black, and gold theme instead and it turned out really cute if I do say so myself! And this ham LOVED all of the attention, of course.


I started with her invitations. I got them through an Etsy shop – One Five Designs, who created them and printed them. Their customer service was so great and the quality of the invitations was perfect! (address and phone number is blacked out)whitlee-redgoldminnie(5x7)

We finally got her highchair repainted and I made the banner for above her cake table and the banner for her highchair.


We went with red velvet cupcakes to compliment her smashcake. Thank you, Pinterest! I was so nervous they wouldn’t turn out very well making me a pinterest fail, but I was super proud of them. The night before when I was adding the “ears” and the bows, my homemade cream cheese icing was a little soft and my ears kept moving. Thankfully overnight in the refrigerator, they hardened up.

She wasn’t really all that into her cake, but I’m a little relieved since that  meant no major sugar crash later.


We got her a bounce house since there were a lot of bigger kids there, and Miss Priss wanted to be right in the middle of them. She got knocked down and kicked and bounced around more times that I even care to think about, but never cried. She loved the kids!


She got SO many presents. Seriously. I didn’t even know there were that many different Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse toys, but she got a ton of them and not one the same. And clearly by the sugars given to baby Minnie, she loves them.

IMG_5807 IMG_5809 IMG_5802 IMG_5835

It ended up being a little colder than I expected but thankfully we had a really great turn out and we’re so thankful for everyone that was able to make it out. But – this momma is relieved its over!

Worn out little girl relaxing on Aunt Taylor and her newest cousin (on the way). Baby Parker is due in March!


Whitlee’s First Halloween

I’ve decided that Halloween with kiddos under the age of 1 is meant to be some kind of torture for parents. Ha! Dramatic, yes, but about 27 minutes into trying to convince Whitlee it was a great idea for me to draw a cat face on her and her fighting me off, I was ready to hang it up before it even started. I made her costume myself – Pinterest inspired of course – and my house is now covered in glitter and stray feathers from her tail. Also, in case you haven’t seen the news lately, most of Texas is under flash flood watch, including our area where on Halloween weekend it rained hard for like 48 straight. But we sucked it up, pulled it together, and braved the weather just long enough to trick or treat at nearby family. I was relieved to get a few pictures and then most of her costume was stripped off and she was more interested in the ring pop she scored and practicing her walking skills chasing Tyner, who was dressed as Daryl from The Walking Dead (my sister in law is so freaking creative!), around. Annyyway enough of my whining…here’s our little kitty cat! It really did turn out super cute if I do say so myself. 🙂




Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable evening! 

It’s Fall, Ya’ll


This past weekend we took Whitlee to her first pumpkin patch. There is a place about an hour from our house called Anderson Farms that has tons of pumpkins, a hayride, and fun little things for the bigger kids to do. We were unsure if Whitlee was a little too young to really enjoy it, but I definitely had to at least get some pictures of her with the pumpkins. Especially since my Nanny sent her a couple of outfits in the mail – one pumpkin outfit and another adorable pink chevron romper. (Don’t worry Nanny, I am taking pictures of her in the romper ASAP!) I was really impressed with the property and it was the perfect weather. It’s definitely fall in Texas!

So we headed out during nap time, which worked out perfectly because Whitlee slept all the way there and was in a wonderful mood the whole time. We met up with my sister in law, brother in law, my nephew, my husband’s cousins and their little girl. Whitlee is completely obsessed with her cousin, Tyner, so she had a blast. She loved watching him run around through the hay maze and corn maze, and she surprisingly loved the pumpkins! She actually cried when we took her away from them to leave! She’s a funny girl. But – on to the pumpkin photos! And notice in one picture she is squatting by herself on the trunk of my car. Too big!








Pumpkin Patch