Life Lately

I always end up posting a “life lately” when it seems like we’ve been 90 to nothing and we’ve done all. the. things. but really we haven’t done anything major so it all falls together in one of these posts. 

I haven’t posted much about our Whitlee bug lately but she is just as busy (and sassy!) as ever. We’re still working on potty training but I swear we’re almost there. She can pretty much go all day in panties now but we’re still in pull ups for naps and night time. I think this week I plan to try her at nap with panties on since she’s woken up dry all last week. She’s pretty excited about baby brother coming soon and keeps asking when we’re gonna get him out. Not too much longer, baby girl!

Sassy as ever, exhibit A.   

I know I’ve compared my two pregnancies a lot in my bump updates but I really just feel like they are night and day different. I’m about 80% super pumped to still be pregnant and healthy for the most part and 20% feeling the aches and pains of the last weeks of pregnancy. Still, everything is just different. Here’s one more comparison though. Their little faces look so similar to me. 

We went to the local state fair a couple of weekends ago and had a great time.  Whitlee was finally big enough to ride some rides. And she stole handfuls of funnel cake when daddy wasn’t looking. Mama had a little fried cheesecake, walked around for 3 hours, ended up with very minimal swelling, and blood sugar looked great. I felt so good and Whitlee had a great time so I’d say it was a pretty  successful day!

We celebrated Easter and it was Whitlee’s first time to actually get to hunt Easter eggs. She was super sick her first and second Easters, and I’m so glad we were able to do it this year. She was a little slow to figure out the concept but eventually got the hang of it. (Also, I look huge!)

I can’t believe we’re adding THREE more boys to this bunch in the next few months. Taylor and I are due end of May and Kacie (middle) is due beginning of July. 

We finally busted out our little swimming pool too. The water was a bit cold still but Whitlee loved it anyway. I did too actually. It was super hot that day so I got in and out and got a little sun on my belly. 

Crazy story for the last while – Whitlee got a toy train stuck in her hair. It was so bad. I thought I was going to have to cut her hair to get it out. It was an automatic one and when I asked her what happened she said “I drive it in my hair.” Like oh okay, that’s perfectly normal. 

Seems like Nolan and I have both been nesting like crazy. He’s been getting all of his stuff situated and put away out in the shop and I’ve been getting the house in order. It’s like we both know Huck could come at any time. There’ll be some details regarding that in my 36 week post coming Wednesday! 

Pictures from out in the shop!

So that’s what we’ve been up to lately. April has flown by and I can’t believe it’s almost May – baby month! 

Life Lately | Big Sister

Our sweet girl is a little over 2 now (almost 27 months if you’d like exacts) and we’ve been really caught up in life all about baby brother lately so I wanted to do a post just for her. I’m sure there will at least be mention of Huck though, because she’s pretty into him too. 

I guess the biggest milestone is that she got a big girl bed last week! I’m still waiting to put a few more things on her wall above her bed but her new room is pretty much complete. We decided to skip the toddler bed and just go with a twin that was close to the floor. Prior to the switch, she would go down for the night pretty easily in her crib, and sleep through the night. She started calling for me when she’d wake up in the mornings a few months ago. I was a little worried about her getting up too much during the night or falling out of it. We talked a lot about how she’s a big girl now and asked her if it was okay if we give the baby bed to Huck. She was pretty excited about it all. The first night she was really excited to get in it… until she realized she had to stay in it. There were lots of tears and saying “scared” so I ended up staying with her a while, patting her back and telling her it was okay. But every time I’d try to leave, she got upset. So I eventually bribed her and said if she stayed all night in her big girl bed, she’d get a surprise in the morning (a few m&ms after breakfast). And it worked! She slept all night and called for me when she woke up. Each night got a little easier and then she figured out she could get up by herself in the morning, but thankfully (knock on wood) she hasn’t gotten up in the middle of the night yet. So far, so good. It hasn’t quite been a whole week yet though.

She’s pretty talkative these days and I’m not sure if I understand her so well because I’m her momma but I feel like she speaks more clearly than some 3 and 4 year olds I know. A few conversations lately:

A neighbors dog was in our yard while we were outside playing. 

Momma! A puppy!!

Whitlee, I’m not sure about that puppy. He might not be nice. Let’s leave him alone and see if he’ll go home. 

Mag mag knows this puppy. It okay momma. 

(Mag mag is our dog, Maggie)

Whitlee, what did you and mawmaw do today?

Umm… go to Target! (They didn’t)

You did?! Did you get me a present??

Uh huh!!

What did you get me??

Umm… tape! 


Uh huh!! REAL tape!!

While getting paint for Huck’s room mixed at Walmart 

Look, that guy is mixing the paint for Huck’s room. He’s gonna shake it up real good for us. 

That for baby Huck’s room?

Yes, that paint is for his wall

She starts trying to pull my shirt up over my belly

Uh, excuse me. What are you doing, ma’am?

Pull you shirt up so baby Huck can see his paint. 

Anytime I grunt or groan, usually when I’m getting up from the floor or couch 

What mad bout, momma?

Our conversations are usually extremely funny and her perspective on things is so fun to watch. She’s also learned a few bad habits and has small tantrums pretty often. We usually make her go stand in the corner when she throws stuff during a fit or tries to hit or kick, and it calms her down really fast. Thankfully her fits are pretty short lived. 

She can also count to 12 and say her whole ABC’s. 

As far as Huck goes, she asks about him a lot but she doesn’t know he’s sick. She just asks “when Huck be here, momma?” Or she points at things in his room and says “that for baby Huck!” She also says his whole name if you ask what her brother’s name is. 

So that’s just a little update on our first little love. We can’t believe she’ll be a big sister soon!! 

Comforter | Sheet Set | Bed (similar here)

Life Lately

Turns out, I’m a little better at just posting a mishmash update instead of trying to schedule some sort of routine-like postings. 🙂

  • I decided to do bumpdates for the new little baby every 3 weeks. It was a little insane trying to make sure I got a new picture each week with Whitlee and it seems like a lot of my updates were the same since they were so close together, so 3 weeks sounds more do-able for me, plus I don’t have to wrangle Whitlee once a week while we snap a bump pic. 
  • Speaking of the new babe, I had my first ultrasound yesterday, measuring right on track and then just after they told me since it was so early that they may or may not be able to see a heartbeat yet, we saw the sweetest little flutter and heard a heartbeat! 6 weeks today. The first ultrasound always makes it seem very real to me. I love it. 
  • We just got back from our vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama and it was such a good time, complete with our little daredevil going down water slides by herself, lots of playing in the beach sand, mama getting a little jelly fish sting on the first day, good food (ohh, the food), souvenir shopping, and watching our baby girl experience the beach life for the first time. 
  • We’re in the throws of potty training right now and tonight, Whitlee pooped in the potty for the first time. Well Nolan walked in and saw it and said, “wow! that’s a monster turd!” And then Whitlee was suddenly terrified of the potty and “monster turds”. It was so funny and so insane and it took forever to get her not scared enough to use the potty again. 
  • I scored a vintage Jenny Lind twin bed for Whitlee a couple weekends ago for $50. I’m still so freaking stoked about it. I have been searching e v e r y w h e r e for one because we couldn’t stomach the price tag on the one at Land of Nod. 
  • Whitlee is so sweet about the new baby. She loves to lay her head on my stomach and she’ll pat it gently or give it kisses. My heart!
  • She’s also talking consistently in small sentences. She seems so big! You can ask her “what’s in your tummy?” and she says “roni!” (macaroni), then say “what’s in mama’s tummy?” and she says “baby!” and then ask her “what’s in daddy’s tummy?” and she says “umm, BEER!” She’s too much. My favorite phrase right now is probably “watch, daddy!” or “Whitlee do it.” and of course “love you, mama.” 💗

A few pictures from Orange Beach




Life Lately

Since I haven’t posted lately, I figured I’d just do a mishmash post about what we’ve been up to. We’ve been 90 to nothing as usual but more so since we’ve been soaking up this summer. We’ve been to the family lake house more times than I can count at this point, literally weekends in a row. Whitlee loves the boat and swimming. Every time we stop she says “Out! Swim!” 


We’ve also been to the zoo and two different waterparks.  

Nolan and I went on an adults only weekend trip to Austin with his sister and her husband. I missed Whitlee way too much! 

We also moved a play set from my in laws to our house and we play on it every single day. We’ve also swam in the little pool any day that we haven’t had anything to do and that the weather has cooperated. 

I’m still not back to work yet but I do have something in the works.. just not quite ready to share yet. Whitlee is growing like a weed, and talking even more than my last update, putting more and more words together. We basically have conversations now. She actually just got in my face and said “Paw Patrol?” And I said “you want me to put it back on paw patrol?” Then she said “yes ma’am.” She’s getting really good at manners lately saying a lot of no ma’am, yes ma’am, please and thank you unprompted. She also apparently has an opinion about things now. She demands to pick her own bow and is concerned about if it matches. She’s actually really good at picking one that matches pretty well. Oh and a few mornings ago, I held up an outfit and asked if she wanted to wear it and she said “No! Pink!” and was upset until I found her a pink outfit. I’m sure her teenage years will give me a run for my money. She’s currently cutting her canine teeth, three at one time, yay. I’ve started planning her s e c o n d birthday. I can’t even believe we have an almost 2 year old and we’re talking about 2 year old things like big girl beds and potty training and some pretty intense tantrums. She’s getting so big so fast. We have one more vacation this year which is our real vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. This will be Whitlee’s first real vaca. I’m so looking forward to it! Other than all of that, it’s been our regular fast paced life.. we just try to keep up!

Mom Life

A while back, I was laying on the couch with a sick kiddo finally sleeping, even though that meant she was literally sleeping on top of me, I was thinking about what it means to be a mom. 

Mom life is…

Eating lunch with one hand while holding her baby in the other arm.

Knowing every single word to every single song in every single Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode.  

Finding pacifiers in the craziest places and being able to hide them in lighting speed. (We only let Whitlee have them at night, so when we spot one out of place in the middle of the day, it’s a race to hide it before she spots it.)

Being relieved when your little one finally poops, even if it’s in the bathtub, because she’s been constipated all day. (True story.)

Cheering on daddy, as he spends way too much money throwing darts at balloons at the fair, just to win our baby girl the stuffed dinosaur she fell in love with. 

Feeling helpless when they’re sick and can’t tell you what hurts. 

Finding snacks in all. the. places. 

Mastering the quickest showers on Earth. 

Laying in bed at night, scrolling through the several dozen pictures you took of her that evening and wondering what you ever did with yourself without her.

I wouldn’t trade this mom life for any other life in the world. 💜


World Prematurity Day | November 17

November 17 is world prematurity day and the whole month of November is prematurity awareness month. Did you know that 1 in 10 babies are born premature? I didn’t. While daydreaming about being a mother, I never fathomed my pregnancy would end at 34 weeks. Being the mom of a premature baby is h a r d. Leaving that hospital at discharge without my baby was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It just felt sad and depressing and wrong. We had to wait nearly another month to get that momentous day of bringing home our baby. Visiting her in the NICU was both challenging and rewarding. Challenging for obvious reasons, but so rewarding to have every little milestone she accomplished celebrated with such joy. Nurses and other preemie parents cheer you on for the smallest of smalls but to you they are so big. 


I’m so proud of the smart, funny, beautiful child Whitlee has become. She keeps us on our toes but we are reminded every day, and especially today, how insanely blessed we are. Momma and Daddy love you, baby girl. You make our world go round. 

Read the beginning of our NICU journey here