3-4 Month Favorites

I posted our 0-3 Month Favorites a little while back and I always love to see what everyone is using and what babies close to Whitlee’s age are loving. Plus it’ll be helpful if there’s ever a Baby Hillin 2.0, I’ll remember what Whitlee liked at certain ages.


Some of these are really similar to 0-3 months but we use them slightly different.

1. The Bumbo
Whitlee loves to be sitting up where she can see everything. Unfortunately, she hasn’t quite mastered the tripod sitting or sitting unassisted so we’ll usually put her in the Bumbo so she can practice sitting up. There are always talks of them being unsafe and that they can mess with hip development, but the way I see it is I never leave her unattended in it and we buckle her in, but also she’s never in it for an extended period of time, so I just don’t think she spends enough time in it to really affect her hip development. Maybe if she sat it in like every waking moment, but she doesn’t.

2. Infantino Sweet Safari Twist and Fold Activity Gym and Play Mat
This has easily become Whitlee’s favorite thing to do. She absolutely loves playing on it. We usually would get her to do tummy time on it because the patterns on the bottom are interesting for her to look at, but now that she almost always rolls to her back, she’s actually started playing with the toys that hang from it. We’ve added a few toys also because it only comes with 4 but there are enough hooks for 8. She’s recently figured out that if she can maneuver her way to where her feet are against the “arms” of it, she can kick them and make the toys jiggle and make noise. She’s also started grabbing the toys with her feet! It’s so funny and she’ll spend a ton of time on it. I also love the “twist and fold” feature, because you twist the little knob on the top and it pops the arms back straight and it basically will fold up into a much easier way to store. Our mat goes everywhere with us because she loves it so much. Oh and the arms unsnap from the mat so you can throw the mat in the washing machine. Love!





3. Nuk Latex Pacifier
Whitlee has never been a pacifier baby, and I really wanted to try a few different kinds in the hopes that she would eventually like one. It just seems to soothe them so easily if you can find one they like. In the NICU, she liked the little green hospital kind, but quickly outgrew them. After that we tried the Avent Soothies and she would take them everryyy once in a while. So we thought maybe a Wubbanub would help. And it did for a little while. Now she has zero interest in it. We also tried the Mam kind but she wouldn’t even consider those! Since she still acted like she wanted something for comfort sometimes the Easter Bunny brought her these and surprise, she likes them! She’ll only take it when she’s sleepy and trying to settle and she’s not really good at keeping it in her mouth, but she these have definitely been the winner over anything else.


4. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle
I talked about the Summer SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddlers in our 0-3 month post and they were amazing. She recently started to outgrow them, which is crazy because – this picture!


But we decided to get something that could transition to a sleep sack once we finally wean the swaddle. (Possibly attempting again this weekend.. Maybe.) So we bought the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle. It’s a bigger size so it’s a little big on her but will fit her much longer. It’s just like their traditional sleep sack, the wearable blanket kind that have armholes and zip fronts, but then it has little wing looking things that come from the back across the chest on the outside of the sleep sack portion and do almost the same type of velcro swaddle on top. This girl LOVES to be swaddled and I really hate to stop because she sleeps so well with it, but I’m seriously so terrified of her rolling to her belly while being swaddled. These are designed that when you’re done swaddling, you wrap the wings under their arms instead of on top and then it’s just a sleep sack, but they’re kind of bulky so I may use a seam ripper and just pull them off when we’re done swaddling.



5. Little Tikes 2 in 1 Snug N Secure Swing
We bought this swing for Whitlee a little while back but she was pretty small then and didn’t quite fit in it. Now that her head control is a little better, she’s starting to like it even more. It took us forever to find one actually in pink (they’re usually blue and yellow) and I ended up getting this one from Amazon. On Nolan’s to-do list this summer is to build a swing set and we’ll add this one along with regular swings.

6. Sleep Sheep
The Sleep Sheep was on our 0-3 Month Favorites, but we love it so much I thought I’d list it again. We originally didn’t use it but after our heater fan kicked on while Whitlee was crying one night and it made her stop, we figured out she needed some white noise. So we started putting her to sleep with it on the “rain” setting. It really helped her settle down and it helped block out other noises as well. Well recently we had a night where she just couldn’t get settled. She was swaddled and in her crib, but she fussed and fussed and fussed. I’d go in and pat her and she’d fuss some more. I finally swapped it to the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star lullaby sound and she suddenly laid her head to the side and went right to sleep…in like 10 seconds! So now we use it on that one every night and occasionally for naps. I’ve even gotten up in the middle of the night when she starts fussing and turned it back on and she goes right back to sleep. The Sleep Sheep + Swaddles are our magic, ya’ll.

So there we go.. another couple of months of Momma and Baby favorites down! I’m so curious to see what our favorites will be at 6 months and then later at like 9 months and a year. So much to look forward to! It’s incredibly exciting to watch her learn and experience things for the first time.


0-3 Month Favorites

Now that Whitlee has been around for almost 3 months, we’ve gotten a better handle on things that just work for us. So I thought I’d share our 0-3 month favorites and my thoughts on them!


1. Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath
We give Whitlee a bath every other every other night (which she loves!) and use the bedtime bath wash. I swear it helps calm her down and relax, plus it smells so good!

2. Summer SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddlers
These have been a life saver! We got a set as a gift and when our little wiggle worm decided she could bust out of a regular swaddle, we decided to try these. We have some that zip up too and are being worked in the rotation but when she was teeny tiny, we could pull the velcro ones tighter than the zip up ones would allow. She flails her arms so much that she won’t sleep unless she’s swaddled. It calms her super fast!

3. Sleep Sheep
I talked about the Sleep Sheep in my post about Whitlee sleeping in her crib and I really think it helps her sleep more soundly. It cancels out startling noises and provides a steady noise like she was used to in the womb. We didn’t use it at first, but then I noticed one night that when our fan heater kicked on and she was crying, she’d suddenly stop. Plus since she was a preemie, she was used to the hustle and bustle of the NICU. The quiet trips her out a little.

4. Boba Wrap
Hands down the best $40 I’ve spent. It’s so unsafe (soapbox alert!) to put a carseat on a shopping cart so when I buy groceries, I put Whitlee in the boba wrap instead of lugging the car seat in and it taking up my whole cart. Kills like 3 birds with stone – she thinks she’s being held so she’s quiet and content; she’s all up in my bubble, therefore other people (little old ladies) don’t try to touch her because they’d literally have to be in my face; and it gives me both hands free. I wear her everywhere.

5. Wubbanub
Whitlee didn’t love a pacifier but I think it was mainly because she didn’t have the control to hold it in her mouth. The wubbanub helps her hold it in because it’s weighed down a little by the stuffed animal and I think it makes her realize she has control over it. She can decide if she wants to suck on it or not. We have a Wal-Mart brand one where the pacifier detaches and she’s a snuggler, (she likes to snuggle the animal… so cute!) so the other day I had the pacifier detached so she could just hug the animal and she all the sudden started trying to suck on the rubber part where the pacifier attaches. She knew exactly what should have been there!

6. Nose Frida
Okay, I have heard so many people sing the praises of the Nose Frida and I had to try it. Annndd that stupid bulb thing was dead to me as soon as I tried this. Nolan ran out of the room gagging but I was shocked at how fast and easy it got the snot and boogers out of her nose! If you’re not familiar, it has a tube with a filter, then a hose with a mouthpiece. You put the tube against their nose and suck on the mouthpiece. And then magically, they have an empty nose and you have a tube full of snot and boogers. The filter keeps it from going in your mouth, but really you’d have to really try to even get it anywhere near the filter. It’s not for a weak stomach, but I swear it’s been amazing!

So, there ya have it. These 6 things have made my life much easier and Whitlee much happier as well!