Huck | Birth Story

I feel like Huck’s birth story starts where Whitlee’s left off. You can read her birth story here but the gist of it is that I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 34 weeks with her and my doctor decided she was safer out than in so we did an emergency cesarean with her. When we decided to have another baby, I had a pre-pregnancy consultation with my new OB and he advised us to absolutely pursue another baby and that while I did have one or two risk factors for having preeclampsia a second time, I didn’t have all of them. At that time we also discussed the possibility of a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). In Beaumont, at the hospital where we would deliver, there are a handful of doctors that share on call duties. So while my OB was considered “the VBAC guy”, he said one of his requirements was that I go into labor spontaneously because he had no record to go on of how I would react to an induction. He wouldn’t induce for a VBAC unless I’d been previously induced or had a previous spontaneous labor. And on that note, promising to support a VBAC with spontaneous labor would put me at risk for showing up at the hospital with a 1/5 chance of him being there and a 4/5 chance of having a doctor that did not support my birth plan. So at that point, we agreed to a repeat cesarean and I felt peace knowing that it would be scheduled and we would know what to expect.

When we actually got pregnant with Huck, we went into it knowing he’d be born via repeat c section and it would most likely be scheduled and hopefully be full term. But then we found out about his heart defect, we had to transfer care to the facility where he would have his treatment. During my first visit with my new doctor, a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, we discussed my plans for delivery. At which point she casually asked “so for delivery, would you like a repeat c section or would you like to tolac?” (Tolac is “trial of labor after cesarean”) I asked what was best for our situation and she very matter of fact laid out the risks of both but then said a vaginal recovery would be better and faster for me and would also be beneficial to Huck’s lung function. So we went down the path in pursuit a tolac/hopeful vbac. She said that spontaneous labor would be best but that depending on my blood pressure staying stable throughout the pregnancy so that we could make it to the point where my cervical conditions were favorable, she was not opposed to inducing.

All throughout my pregnancy I have been on a low dose blood pressure medication because around 8 weeks it started creeping up. They labeled me as having “chronic hypertension” but my blood presssures have been really great since being on the medicine. Towards the end of my pregnancy, they’ve had me check it twice a day and keep a log. And they’ve continued to be excellent, as well as no signs of preeclampsia- no swelling, no vision changes, no excessive weight gain, no weird headaches, no protein in my urine. From here it will be a timeline to show how this all happened.

Thursday, May 11, 2017 | 7:30 PM – At 38 weeks, I checked my pressure for my log that afternoon and it was a little high. I rested, checked it again and it was much better. So I kept resting and decided to check it again later to make sure it stayed down, but it was actually back up again. I called my nurses line and the advised me to go get checked at L&D. While there they hooked me up to the monitors and checked blood pressure, which was high and it didn’t take long before they decided to keep me and induce. I started calling Nolan and my family but after a good while of monitoring, the doctor on call came back in and said my blood pressure was a lot better and they were actually going to send me home. What a rollercoaster! I called everyone back and told them it was a false alarm.

Friday, May 12, 2017 | 8:00 AM – Whitlee and I went to what would have been my last appointments anyway since they were planning to induce next week, but my blood pressure was high again. We went through all of the normal appointment stuff but my doctor ended with, we ARE going to go ahead and induce today. She said their standard care for chronic hypertension is to deliver at 38 weeks, but since mine had been so great she was willing to go to 39. She also said at this point, it was possible that if I stayed pregnant, I could end up with preeclampsia in the next week.

9:30 AM – She told me to go get my stuff from the apartment in Houston and to be back around 11 to start the induction. I called Nolan and the rest of our family so they could all head that way.

11:15 AM – Whitlee and I got to hospital to get checked in for the induction process to start. Unfortunately, May is apparently a busy month for babies so they were extremely backed up in labor and delivery and we had to wait F O R E V E R for a room. Like 10 hours.

9:00 PM – We finally got moved to a labor and delivery room to get set up. After that, it seemed like things went fairly quick for the most part. At this point I was dilated on my own to a 1, maaaaybe a 2 and 50% effaced but Huck was still really high at a -3 station.

10:40 PM – They decided to start with a Cook Balloon which they insert into the cervix and inflate one small balloon inside the uterus and one small balloon outside the uterus with a middle section meant to dilate the cervix manually. They said we would leave it in for 12 hours, then take it out and from there I would either be dilated to a 4 or 5. The balloon going in hurt. like. hell. Oh man, it hurt.

12:00 AM (Midnight) – They warned me I could feel some strong cramping and then it was possible that the balloon would intensify the prodromal labor contractions that I’d already been having. Well it did and they started coming super strong and I puked during a particularly hard one. It was at that point that I honestly started questioning this whole vbac thing. I ended up getting two Benadryl to help me sleep and nubane in my IV for pain. The nubane didn’t do much for the pain of the contractions but it did help me sleep between them. So basically I was already having to work through the contractions. They were super strong and I couldn’t talk through them but never very consistent. Some were 4 min apart, some 6, some 12 but all lasting about minute and a half to 2 minutes.

May 13, 2017 | 8:30 AM – The residents for the day came in and said I’d get the balloon out in a couple of hours, then we’d start low dose pitocin, check to see how low Huck was at that point and if he was low enough, they’d break my water. I went ahead and requested an epidural before all of that business. I’ve heard from several people to get. the. freaking. epidural. I was told pitocin contractions plus no amniotic fluid for cushioning after they break my water is no joke.

11:00 AM – They took the balloon out and checked me. It did its job! I was dilated to 5, and 60% effaced, but Huck was still at -3 station, so they were going to wait on breaking my water.

1:00 PM – Anesthesia came in to place my epidural, while my nurse (who was absolutely the most amazing labor and delivery nurse ever) got my pitocin set up. I didn’t care much for the epidural process. I was kind of scared of the pinching pain I’d felt suddenly when I had my c section so I kept having trouble not tensing up. But my nurse just talked me through it and we got it in. Once the epidural was in and I started going numb, I started feeling really bad and proceeded to puke again. I was actually pretty numb from about mid belly down so that was weird. When I puked, I felt like my stomach muscles were numb and almost like I would aspirate. After they started the pitocin, I was having contractions almost immediately and very regularly but I couldn’t feel them. General thoughts on epidurals –  they’re super weird and glorious.

3:00 PM – Huck had a few heart decels so they came in and put me on an oxygen mask and checked me again and I was still a 5 and now 80% effaced, but he was at a -2 station. They decided to go ahead and break my water and see what would happen.

4:30 PM – I was able to actually catch a nap between 3 and now and when I woke up I asked my mom if I was still having contractions. She said oh yea, definitely, so I got her to take a picture of the screen because it was above my head and I couldn’t see it.

This is showing how fast and regularly the contractions were coming (about every 90 seconds) but if you look at the top section towards the end, you see Huck’s heart start to drop off. I actually heard this happening on the monitors and said “something’s wrong” and about 2 seconds later my nurse came running in and kicked everyone out except Nolan. She called for a resident and another nurse. They threw my bed back, flipped me to my other side, started pulling iv lines loose from their connectors (not like from my arm), and started massaging my belly a little. After about 5 minutes his heart rate recovered. They said that the contractions were basically drowning him and his heart rate wasn’t recovering like it should have between them. They decided to stop the pitocin and give him a break for a little bit. They also decided to put in an internal monitor to see how strong my contractions were and would start the pitocin again in 30 minutes. At that point, they said if that happened again, we’d go straight back for a c section. By this time it was almost 5:30 so they went ahead and checked me again and said I was still a 5 and 80% effaced, no change at all. But they asked some specific questions about how I was feeling and I told them I was starting to feel my contractions. I was kind of having to breathe through the pressure of them but I couldn’t really feel the pain of them. They said they’d check me again at 7:30 and see how things were going. I think that was the point that I said if I hadn’t changed by then at all, I was ready to talk about another c section. The heart decelerations scared me and I was so tired. I’d been stuck at a 5 for 7 hours or so and the problem I had with that is my body didn’t go to a 5 on its own, it was a mechanical dilation. So if I wasn’t progressing past that, then my body wasn’t doing its job.

7:30 PM – The resident came back in to check me and I was fully expecting her to say “no change” but she felt around a lot and then looked up and said “well, looks like you’re at a 9, 100% effaced.” I started crying out of pure relief. I could not freaking believe it. I asked “Are you serious?? Are you sure??” And she said “Yup! Your cervix is almost completely gone.”  He was still at a -2 station though so while my body worked through the last bit of cervix, they had me sit straight up and let him start laboring down so I could get ready to birth our boy! My nurse started getting the room ready for delivery and they made all of the appropriate calls to the NICU and cardio team.

9:47 PM – The resident came back in again and checked me and said I was complete and Huck was now at a +2 station. She then explained how to push and said we were going to try a few and see how it went. They had me reach down and hold behind my legs while Nolan held one leg up and my nurse held the other one, and they had me push for 10 seconds and do 3 pushes inside one contraction. So I would push really hard for 10 seconds, get a breath and do it again, 3 times. The maternal fetal medicine on call had made it in the room by this point and was coaching me through the pushing as well. In between one, she said “you’re pushing really good. If you keep pushing like that, he’ll be out in a couple more.” That was super encouraging to hear. I just kept thinking about all of the birth stories I’d read and listened to on podcasts about how to push and I kept trying to remember to apply those things. I think the next contraction and set of pushes, they all started saying “whoa whoa whoa, okay stop pushing!” I heard something about getting nicu in the room; nobody had made it yet besides the resident and mfm. Nolan said all of the sudden “was that his head???” And they said “Yes, that was definitely his head.” I asked if they were serious?? And they said “Yup! Do you want to see?” I said yes so they moved a mirror over and I could basically see the top of his head, which kind of went back in as the contraction ended. They took my internal monitor out and said “Okay momma, next one is on you. When you feel the contraction, push as hard as you can.” So I waited until I felt the pressure and then pushed with all of my life, took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could again and out came his head! Nolan said on the third push they guided out his shoulders and the rest of his body.

10:09 PM – They told me to look down and I saw our baby boy enter this world! He instantly cried, which was a great sign and Nolan got to cut the cord. I cried like crazy too, of course, just like I did when Whitlee was born. They took him over to do their initial checks and to decide if he needed prostaglandins at the bedside (he didn’t). They did his weight and measurement – weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 20″ long. Then they brought him over to let me hold him for a few minutes. We got a good look at him, then they let Nolan run to the waiting room to get Whitlee so she could meet him. She looked at him and said, “he’s pushed out??” We all got a good little giggle at that. Then Nolan took her back out to the waiting room and they took Huck back over to his warmer so they could start placing all of his lines. During all of this, I delivered the placenta and got a little stitch for a superficial tear. I felt so. much. relief. as soon as Huck and the placenta were out. They also turned my epidural off so I started feeling my legs again which was nice. I kept watching Huck’s team of people working on him and he was so quiet that I thought they’d sedated him but when one of the doctors commented that he was so calm, I realized he was just hanging out. They said he was just laying there watching them do their job. Random side note, right as I was delivering him, the NICU team kind of ran in the room. I didn’t really notice them come in but when I looked up, the room was full. They said something later about how they expected me to be pushing for a while and I asked how long I pushed and my nurse looked at her notes and said “about 10 minutes”. I was shocked! Also, another random observation – Nolan and Huck were the only males in the entire room. The entire nursing staff, mfm, and nicu/cardio staff were women. Kind of neat!

11:15 PM – They transferred him across the sky bridge to the CVICU and Nolan went with him. Once they got him over there, they started all of his testing and trying to get a better idea of his heart. He was doing really well and breathing great on his own. We were told the next couple of days would be spent gathering data on his condition and we would most likely get an update on Monday from the cardiac team on plan of care.

12:30 AM – I was in a postpartum room, up walking, using the restroom and overall feeling great. Exhausted, but great!

So that’s his story! I can’t believe I did it and it was such good closure to the pregnant part of my life. I feel now that I had one emergency c section which was the best choice for that child and I had a successful vbac which was the best choice for that child. I have recovered from both major abdominal surgery and a vaginal delivery and we are so blessed to have two beautiful children.


Welcome to the world, Huck

Huck Inlow Hillin entered the world on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 10:09 PM via successful VBAC. He weighs 6 lbs 11 oz and is 20″.

We are both doing well and should have a plan for his heart in the next day or so! We are all so in love with him and can’t believe how good he looks and how calm he is. He is very alert and seems to be tolerating his procedures pretty well!

Full birth story coming soon!!

Baby Hillin #2 | 33 Weeks 

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): pineapple or a head of cauliflower 

Gender: It’s a Boy!

Weight Gain: up to 34 lbs

Belly Button In or Out: Still mostly flat at this point.. it kind of pops out when I laugh or cough. 

Wedding Rings On or Off: On, so crazy to me. I had taken them off long ago with Whitlee at this point. 

Sleep: Give me alllll the sleep. I have been so tired lately. I guess that’s just part of the last bit of pregnancy. I can take a nap just about every day and still be dying to go to sleep at 8 PM. 

Best Moment The Last Few Weeks: Getting good news at our 32 week follow up echo on Huck’s heart. They were able to see a little bit more growth than they did at 22 weeks. This basically means that he may not be as “sick” when he’s born and his first surgery may not be as urgent as thought before. He will still have 2-3 open heart surgeries but the timing of those may have shifted a bit; he may be able to wait a couple of weeks vs a few days. I don’t think we’ll know anything more than this until he’s born and he gets an echo straight on him, as opposed to through me. Full update coming soon hopefully.. we’re still trying to work out a few insurance issues. 

Miss Anything: being able to breathe well. Everything is starting to get super crowded in there. When I sit down I have to give him a few seconds to kind of maneuver around to where I’m not in pain. 

Movement: Still my most favorite part. With Whitlee, I didn’t really miss being pregnant specifically, but I definitely missed feeling her move in there. I’m sure I’ll miss it again. He’s been in the same position for a good while, head down with his back and butt more on my right side and his feet out over on my left. He likes to do this thing where he arches his back or pushes his butt out on my right and kick his feet out on my left. And then sometimes he’s just thrashing around in there making my whole belly jump. 

Cravings/Aversions: Finally ate some crawfish so that craving was satisfied. I felt really puffy afterwards, I’m sure from the insane amount of sodium, but they were so good. Haven’t really been craving anything specifically but the local state fair is going on the next couple of weeks and I KNOW I’ll be craving funnel cake or something deep fried.. most likely will only get a small bite of someone else’s though. Thank you GD. 😑

Symptoms: Needing to pee every 2 minutes is a symptom right? Anytime I stand up, it’s like gravity and the weight of this large kiddo hit me and I have to go right. freaking. now. 

Additional Notes: My pregnancy this time around has been SO different than it was with Whitlee. I still feel overall just “better” than I did with her and I’m sure it was the preeclampsia. My blood pressure is still holding stable and I’m still on the lowest dose of bp meds. No protein in my urine so far. And my feet, hands, and face have resisted much swelling. For reference, this is my foot at 32 weeks with Whitlee and my foot at 32 weeks with Huck. Crazy! 

My wedding rings are still on and I keep saying I think it might be time to take them off but then the next day I can get them on and off just fine. I read on one of my apps that fluid retention is about to increase so I’ll probably take them off in the next week or two just to be safe. 

My gestational diabetes is somewhat under control. My fasting number is being treated with a single insulin shot at night but we haven’t quite hit the sweet spot of the right amount of insulin to lower it enough. We’re bumping it a little at a time but hopefully we’ll find the right dosage soon. 

My personal soft goal for this pregnancy was 34 weeks, which is next Wednesday. I feel like we’re going to breeze right by that, which I am so so thankful for!! My next goal after that is 37 weeks. And then just two more weeks. My normal OB’s office has a growth scan scheduled for next week, just shy of 34 weeks but I’m not sure I’ll still be under their care next week. I may have already had my “transfer of care” by then to the Maternal Fetal Medicine that I’ll see the rest of my pregnancy and that will deliver Huck. My normal OB did go ahead and start bi-weekly non stress tests where I just sit on the monitors for 20 minutes, then if there is anything out of the ordinary they do a biophysical profile ultrasound, then if he doesn’t pass that, we go to the hospital for monitoring. So far we’ve had one perfect nst, and two that landed us a biophysical profile, which thankfully he passed both perfectly. Both times the nst showed a dip in his heart rate (just a tiny one.. I saw it when it happened) and they said sometimes the baby will move and lose contact with the monitor which reads as a decel but they’re usually fine. They just have to do the ultrasound to be sure. I know for sure on the second one, the monitor wasn’t on him just right and every time he moved, the monitor would lose contact and regain it, making the readout sheet look like Morse code. 

So here we are, a week shy of my first goal (34 weeks) and feeling good! Only 6 more weeks to go. I’m curious to see how soon they’ll put our delivery on the books after we do the transfer of care. I kind of think it’s close enough, we may go ahead and get a tentative date. Then we just cross our fingers and pray that we make it to that date! 

Huck’s Nursery 

I’m so excited to finally share Huck’s nursery. If you’ve been around this blog a long time then you know our house is pretty small. We originally bought our house for the land that it was on with intentions of building something bigger one day but we decided a family sounded like more fun so we put it off. We were a little unsure of the logistics of two kiddos in 800 square foot but we decided to forgo a dining room and make that the “master bedroom” and move Whitlee into her “play room” so that Huck could go in her old room. The kids rooms are side by side so really they almost share a room but hopefully one day we will get around to building, so while they’re small, we get to do close quarters. 

They say love grows best in little houses. 

I have a love of all things navy and lately been loving all things tribal and boho so I tied all that together with a bit of woodland theme and that’s how Huck’s room came about. 

We reused Whitlee’s crib since moving her into a big girl bed a month or so ago and things went from there. Special thanks to my sister in law for helping me paint, my mom for making the wooden arrows above his changing table, Tanya at June & George for the “be brave” sign and the deer head sign (not pictured), and my dad and some friends of his for the changing table. I love love how everything turned out and love that even though his homecoming may be delayed a bit, it’s all ready and waiting for him. 

Baby Crib (Vintage Jenny Lind) | Similar

Crib Bedding | The Southern Pixie

Wooden Letters Above Crib | Hobby Lobby

Changing Table (dad made) | Similar  

Wooden Arrows (mom made) | Similar

Be Brave Little Man Sign | c/o June & George Designs

Wicker Baskets | IKEA

Wire Baskets | Similar

Baby Hillin #2 | 30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks

Baby is the size of a(n): cabbage. But he had an estimated weight of 4 lbs 2 oz at my ultrasound on Monday, which is what Whitlee weighed when she was born at 34 weeks. Quick little backstory – my OB with Whitlee changed my due date a week ahead because she was measuring big but when she was born at “34 weeks”, her NICU assessment said she was more on track with a 33 weeker, making her original due date accurate. So she was born at 4 lbs 2.6 oz at most likely 33 weeks and everything I read says 4 lbs 2 oz is a more accurate weight of a 33 weeker. So Huck is measuring 2-3 weeks big. This is actually really great because he needs to be born at a significant birth weight to be as ready as possible for his first surgery. 

Gender: It’s a Boy!

Weight Gain: holding at 30 lbs so far 

Belly Button In or Out: Sort of out? One side sticks out a little, the rest is still flat.

Wedding Rings On or Off: On 

Sleep: I have no idea what this word means anymore.. just kidding. After the last week with bronchitis, I have been sleeping h o r r i b l e and still not quite back to normal. 

Best Moment The Last Few Weeks: Finding out Huck is still a big boy! They say it’s just an estimate but he’s consistently measured a bit large. I’ll take it!

Miss Anything: Sleeeeeeep

Movement: His movements are getting bigger and crazier, and I love it. Nolan and I sit and watch him move around a lot and pretty much anytime I lay on my side with my arm resting on my belly, he’s stretching and pushing and kicking against it. With Whitlee, not very many people ever got to feel her but Huck is a little less discriminatory.. he’ll usually kick for anybody if they’re willing to wait a minute. He’s also been getting the hiccups a lot (way more than Whitlee ever did) and Nolan has even felt them from the outside. Whitlee also got to feel him move a few days ago. She lit up when she felt it and said, “brudder Huck kick me!” She also got to see him on ultrasound and we could see him blinking so she tells everyone he was winking at her. Cutest thing ever! 

Cravings/Aversions: Craving crawfish and cucumbers. Not together. 

Symptoms: SPD pain is a little better since I’ve been resting more. Nothing else too crazy except peeing my pants a little pretty much anytime I sneeze or cough. Just keeping it real. 

Additional Notes: Well I failed my 1 hour glucose test and they had me take the 3 hour……. which I also failed. 😑 The 3 hour test was pure torture and I felt miserable afterwards, plus I was sick that whole week and have been pretty down. It seems like God is really testing me right now to see just how much I can handle at one time. HLHS diagnosis, high risk for preeclampsia (still doing okay there), my grandfather died the end of February after a very long battle with multiple myeloma, our entire family has had some kind of really bad run of bronchitis, and now gestational diabetes. Hoping for good news or a silver lining to help lift my spirits a little. 

As far as the gestational diabetes goes, they’re having me monitor my blood sugar several times a day to keep it under control via diet, but my fasting number is always really high. My OB says they’ll give me a week to hopefully regulate it but I will potentially be put on an insulin shot before bed that will help. One shot is better than 3 or 4 I suppose so if it helps, that’s what we’ll do. A couple of people (not my OB) have mentioned that might be why Huck is measuring big but it’s not necessarily true. He’s actually been around the 70-75th percentile which is fairly normal, just a tad on the larger side and is on track to weigh around 8ish lbs full term. I actually only failed my glucose test by 2 points on the fasting draw, and 1 point on the second draw of the 3 hour test so I’m borderline diabetic. My fasting number is really the only hiccup at this point. 

I guess some good news is that preeclampsia worries are okay for now. Blood pressure is pretty stable. It did get a little wonky while I was sick but I was always able to get it back down. I also got some urinalysis strips because I’m crazy and now I check my urine every day. So far, so good on protein. I’m not swelling much at all and my weight is doing okay. I’m trying to be diligent in paying attention to any changes so we can get a handle on it super early if it’s going to happen again. I think with Whitlee I started showing signs at this point but didn’t realize it. I had already taken my rings off and my feet were starting to swell pretty badly. 

So we’re in the 30’s! 9 more weeks to go. I’m so looking forward to experiencing pregnancy past 34 weeks. I might be eating my words later but for now I’m looking forward to it! 

Baby Hillin #2 | 27 Weeks 

How Far Along: 27 Weeks – hello 3rd trimester! 

Baby is the size of a(n):  cauliflower 

Gender: It’s a Boy!

Weight Gain: I had planned to weigh at home but apparently my scale’s batteries died… so I’ll guess around 30ish? I’ll update next week when I go for my glucose test. 

*Update, I was dead on. Up 30 lbs at 27 weeks, 5 days. 

Belly Button In or Out: Flatter by the day, still not out. With Whitlee I think one corner popped out but never the whole thing. 

Wedding Rings On or Off: On 

Sleep: Around 25 weeks I started sleeping really poorly, so I stopped napping when Whitlee naps and I started sleeping better again. But then I started getting so tired during the day and gave in to a few naps and still managed to sleep super hard at night. I think I’m just finally sleeping decent and I’m super thankful for that. 

Best Moment The Last Few Weeks: Finally starting to figure out a bit more on doctors and surgeons and hospitals. We have a lot of things to consider and it’s a tough call to make when your baby’s life is at stake but we’re trusting things will come together as they should. 

Anndd a friend of my dads donated the lumber for my dad to build Huck’s changing table. I can’t wait to see it done and we are (again) so thankful for how generous everyone is being. 

Miss Anything: being able to bend over.. whew!

Movement: Starting to feel him up high a lot more often and a few times have felt something pushing out in my upper right belly. Growth scan at 26 weeks showed that was his little booty. His feet are up high on my left and he’s head down right now. Getting more and more active by the day. It’s still my most favorite part.

Cravings/Aversions: I’ve been craving carb-y sweets like pop tarts, Sonic cinnasnacks, Little Debbie cakes. 

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks are a bit more calm these days but the SPD pain is for sure sticking around, some days worse than others. Starting to notice just a slight feeling of swelling in my ankles when my feet dangle for a long period of time, like driving or sitting on the swing outside, but nothing major. Elevating them helps immediately. Blood pressure is doing really well, still on the lowest dose of my BP meds. Slight bit of heartburn starting to pop up now and then. And does anyone else’s voice get hoarse during pregnancy? I’ve been sounding like I’m getting over a cold for a long time now. 

Additional Notes: Like I mentioned before, we’ve been trying to get a lot of details ironed out for delivery and his surgeries and I plan to do a HLHS update post soon but for now, I’ll leave it that the main thing is still to just stay pregnant as close to full term as possible and to take it easy. So I’ve tried to focus on getting everything at home ready for when he does get to come home. Nolan and I are even planning to deep clean the house soon. My sister in law says she thinks I’m nesting already… very possible. 

Which leads me to – Huck’s nursery is almost ready! Even though he won’t be using it for a long while, it makes me feel a sense of normalcy to be working on his room. When he does come home, we’ll have him set up in our room until after his second surgery, at the least. He’ll most likely need certain care throughout the night so to keep Miss Whitlee as close to her normal schedule as possible, we’ll be trying to make sure we keep her asleep in her room while tending to Huck in our room. 

12 weeks to go! (12! That seems so soon) My personal goal is 34 weeks (April 12th) and then after that, I’ll be celebrating each week that we keep this baby boy baking. 

Baby Pants | Baby Hat | Onesie