7.11.14 | First Anniversary

The best day of our life (so far!) was the day we said I do. We decided early on that we wanted to do something small and meaningful for our wedding day.


First came the date. We ‘officially’ started dating on 11-7 (four years ago) and Nolan proposed on 1-13 (several years later), so we picked a combination of those dates 7-11-13. It happened to fall on a Thursday, which ended up being perfect for us.

Then came the guest list. We decided to keep it to immediate family with the thought in mind that it’d be unfair to pick certain friends to attend. If we invited one, we’d need to invite them all. So 20 people – our parents, grandparents, siblings, and a few other family members that we’re close to.

I handmade the invitations because there weren’t many to send out. One of the first presents Nolan gave me was a ring with a square knot (which later had to be traded for an identical necklace because my fingers are so tiny and the sizing was compromising the prongs – 4 replaced diamonds later they offered to let me swap it!). So I incorporated the square knot into our invitations and then a little of our personalities – leather and lace.

Our attire was very simple. I like my husband best in something familiar, which lucky for him is jeans and a nice shirt. My mom wanted to be a part of my dress so she, my nanny and I shopped and shopped Mother’s Day weekend for the perfect one. I wanted something short, white, and feminine. Jackie Kennedy style preferably. We finally found a perfect Calvin Klein dress and nude heels with leopard on the inside. They were perfect!

Hillin - Horn (37)

Hillin - Horn (38)

We decided that a Justice of the Peace wedding was more our style. The JP in our county actually has a decent size court room so our family was able to go with us. We scheduled it for 2 PM and no lie, we were in, vows said, married, tears shed, congratulatory hugs given and back in the car by 2:15.

Hillin - Horn (69)

We had a small reception at my mother and father in laws home with cake, wine and beer. We decided to go with a cupcake stand so the top layer was cake and the bottom two were cupcakes. The pictures look like they were from a magazine to me! I picked Yellow Rose, a white wine from a local winery, its my favorite and now most of our family loves it too. We also had Shiner Light Blonde for the people who preferred beer.

Hillin - Horn (105)

Hillin - Horn (117)

After our reception, we got on the road to our honeymoon. We spent four days in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama. We got massages, went to the beach, went parasailing, ate pizza and drank beer, got dressed up and went to a fancy dinner…it was so much fun, just the two of us.



All in all it was an absolutely perfect wedding and honeymoon. We have beautiful pictures from that day, thanks to the talented Brandie Perry. I am so thrilled that I married my best friend and we had such a perfect day. I scheduled this blog post ahead of time because today, on our first anniversary, we are in Orange Beach again! We decided we wanted to come back for our anniversary (also one more good trip by ourselves before Baby Hillin joins us!) and this time we brought some friends.

So cheers to first anniversaries and beach trips with good friends! And a special Happy Anniversary to my sweet sweet husband. You’re everything I could have ever asked for and more. I can’t wait for our next adventure together with this baby!