Huck Inlow | 5 Months & 6 Months

Well it finally happened. The inevitable second kid problem where you don’t have nearly the time you had with the first kid and you almost miss TWO months of posts. But I’m finally getting 5 and 6 months posted just in time for 7 months.


Birth – 3035 grams | 6 lbs 11 oz

1 Month – 3950 grams | 8 lbs 11 oz

2 Months – 4420 grams | 9 lbs 11 oz

3 Months – 5620 grams | 12 lbs 6 oz

4 Months – 5889 grams | 12 lbs 15 oz

5 Months – 6840 grams | 15 lbs 1 oz

6 Months – 7530 grams | 16 lbs 10 oz – 32nd percentile! 🙌🏼

Well since I last posted at four months, we went from size 2 diapers up to size 3 diapers and he pretty much blew right through 6 month clothes within a few weeks and we’ve moved on to at least 6-9 and a lot of 9 month clothes. Baby boy is growing!

Eating: Whew, so much has changed since my last post. We were still inpatient at that time and eating was Huck’s biggest obstacle to be discharged home. He was really struggling with acid reflux and vomiting large volumes of milk. He was still on breastmilk but my supply completely crashed a couple of months ago so he was on the back stash I had pumped for him. We finally ended up doing an upper GI study to check for a few things and another heart mom pointed out in a blog post, it sounds odd, but we prayed for a bad outcome. Because a “bad” outcome means there’s an answer and a reason for his struggles with eating. And a reason typically comes with a solution. In our case, Huck’s GI study showed that his stomach wasn’t emptying properly and he was actively refluxing at random times. This meant that his poor motility was causing him to reflux more and was most likely causing his disinterest in eating. We started him on a motility agent and slowly but surely, he started eating more, keeping it down, was able to come off tpn and lipids, and eventually ate enough to earn his ticket out of the hospital!

Since we have been home, we transitioned from the last of my breastmilk to Enfamil Gentlease. We had a good experience with EG with Whitlee, so it was familiar territory to us. Huck did okay, but he still seemed so uncomfortable while eating and I know him well enough to know he was still silently refluxing. He had stopped spitting up but he still had all of the signs. Another heart mom had told me that they had tried a European formula and her daughter loved it. I did some research on the difference in European formulas and American formulas, how to actually get it, and decided to give it a try. In the first week, Huck’s entire disposition changed. He was much happier, seemed so much more comfortable, stopped looking so reflux-y and his bowel movements even changed back to looking like breastfed baby poop. We have been on this formula for a while now and loving it! I’ll probably make a separate post about the details but if you’re curious about anything, feel free to ask! We chose to go with Holle Stage 1 and tried the Stage 2 but he seemed to prefer the Stage 1, so we went back.

We also started baby food between five and six months and he loves the vegetables and does not care for the fruits at all. He really likes to eat but I’m a little worried about the constipation that seems to be coming with it. I’ve been reading up on probiotics and we may start that if we get the all clear from our doctor and cardiologist.

Sleep: We finally seem to be making some progress in this department. At our first visit with his cardiologist, who is very well versed in single ventricle babies, she asked about his disposition and certain behaviors. We told her about how fussy he is and that you really can’t leave him to play for even a couple of minutes without him losing his mind. She reminded us that in the interstage for single ventricles, they absolutely cannot let them cry (their BT shunt is so dependent on different variables and crying can cause restriction to his lungs), so any time he ever made a sound, someone was always there to comfort him – rock, pat, shush, bounce, etc. So when you are post Glenn and stable, there’s a whole new world for these babies where they can actually cry without it being life threatening. She said that it’s one of the most common concerns she hears from single ventricle heart parents, that their babies cry so much and it’s exhausting having to constantly console them. So she not only gave us permission, but encouraged us to start letting him cry it out a little. Self soothing and entertaining themselves with toys is a learned behavior from a very young age, and he never had that opportunity, so here we are at 5/6 months with a baby that has no idea what to do with himself. We attempted the same mild version of cry it out that we did with Whitlee and he at least will put himself to sleep now. He still wakes up one million four-six times a night to eat, but it is what it is. Whitlee didn’t sleep through the night until 18 months, so I guess that’s evidence that we’ll get there eventually.

Milestones: Rolling like crazy

  • Standing with support
  • Sitting unassisted longer stretches
  • Self weaned his swaddle (thank God for that. Weaning it with Whitlee was a nightmare.)
  • First baby food
  • First trip to Galveston and rode on the ferry
  • First Halloween – he and Whitlee were both puppies, per her request!

Medical Milestones:Finally discharged from the hospital just before 5 months!

  • Had our first outpatient cardiologist visit and echo – ventricle function has remained the same (mildly depressed), but his arch may be narrowing again. We go back in January to check again.
  • Weaned several medications
  • Got his first round of vaccinations
  • Got his flu shot at 6 Months
  • Got approved and received his first synagis shot (rsv prevention)
  • Had his first hospital readmission for a random virus that had him running fever and a high white blood cell count, the day of 5 months. Thankful to report it ended up just running its course and being done. Sats and blood pressure all held steady throughout.


  • Being held
  • Eating
  • Whitlee
  • Maggie (our dog)
  • Riding in the car
  • Baths
  • Vegetable baby food
  • Big people food – constantly trying to eat my food
  • Chewing on anything!
  • Snuggling with a blanket

Dislikes:Diaper changes

  • Lovenox shots
  • Being strapped into his car seat, totally fine once he’s in and the car is moving
  • Fruit baby food

Whew! Life has been so hectic. Actually, I think hectic is the understatement of the year. But even on our craziest days, we are so incredibly grateful for the gift of our two babies.

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Huck Inlow! We are so proud and so blessed with every day we get with you. Forever thankful for life at home together as a family. ❤️

Five & Six Month Photos


Huck Inlow | 4 Months

Late posting, as usual! But in our defense, with Huck’s last surgery and recovery, things have been a little hectic! 


  • Birth – 3035 grams | 6 lbs 11 oz
  • 1 Month – 3950 grams | 8 lbs 11 oz
  • 2 Months – 4420 grams | 9 lbs 11 oz
  • 3 Months – 5620 grams | 12 lbs 6 oz
  • 4 Months – 5889 grams | 12 lbs 15 oz

He is wearing size 2 diapers and currently not wearing clothes since he just had his Glenn surgery. Was wearing 3-6 months right before though! He has almost completely outgrown 3 month onesies. 

Eating: Huck was eating anywhere from 120-150 mls per bottle, every 3-4 hours up until the point he went for pre Glenn cath lab at around 3 1/2 months. After that, he developed necrotizing entercolitis (NEC) and was put on bowel rest and antibiotics for 14 days. They ran IV nutrition during that time. He was released to restart feeds the Sunday after his Glenn and we started with 15 mls and are up to 30, but so far he is not tolerating his feeds very well. He has taken 7 bottles in the last 24 hours and puked up the entire volume of 3 of them. Eating is the main thing he has to figure out again post op in order to be able to go home. 

Sleep: Again, pre Glenn, he had a pretty decent routine, but it kind of all went out the window post op. He is starting to sleep more at night and nap less during the day, though. He still sleeps a lot in the mamaroo which helps his reflux, but will also sleep pretty decent in his bed at a pretty steep incline. I’m still brainstorming ideas for sleep when we go home.. pretty sure we will be getting a mamaroo, but trying to think of other options too. We had an arms reach co sleeper that I’m trying to figure out if there’s a safe way to elevate the head of it. If you have any ideas, let me know! He will be sleeping in our room for quite a while because I’ll be a nervous wreck for … oh, the next 18 years. 

Milestones: He rolled belly to back a few more times before he went back on chest precautions post op, and when he’s on his back, he rocks really hard to one side. Wants so badly to flip to his tummy! Has really great head control and can sit unassisted for up to 20-30 seconds!

He also went through his first hurricane. We are still in Houston, so we were here throughout Hurricane Harvey and it was pretty intense here for a little bit. 

Medical Milestones: He had his Glenn on September 7! This was his second open heart surgery. Post op recovery is going well! He was extubated the day after surgery and has been on room air since then. We have been working on getting back up to full feeds so that he can get off tpn and lipids and hopefully go home! His reflux is back with a vengeance so we’re trying to work around that. He is still on lovenox shots, clonidine, a diuretic, reflux meds, diazepam, and methadone for opiod withdrawals, but we are actively weaning methadone. They turned milrinone off a few days post op. So far, labs look good and indicate a successful Glenn! 

Currently satting in the high 70’s to mid 80’s, heartrate is 120-150, blood pressure is usually 90s/40s. 


  • Being held / rocked / snuggled
  • Mamaroo
  • Watching videos of sister 
  • Watching movies, really likes Sing 
  • Being tickled
  • Listening to Elvis 
  • When you blow kisses at him
  • The lights that reflect off his monitors
  • Warm bottles
  • Chewing on toys
  • Field trips out of the hospital room


  • Diaper changes
  • Picc line dressing changes
  • Baths
  • Lovenox shots
  • Getting his blood pressure taken
  • Getting his temperature taken
  • Being listened to with the stethoscope
  • Pretty much anything hospital related anymore, haha
  • Pacifier
  • Being restrained in any way

Whew, another month down. 123 days in the hospital and 128 days in Houston.. we are so ready to go home. We basically missed the whole summer being down here with Huck and we’re ready to get out of here, get back to the country, and enjoy the fall. Even though our stay has been long, I couldn’t imagine how things would be if we were anywhere else but TCH. We’ve now seen what happens with babies that start out where we were supposed to start out (that’s a story for another day), so that alone makes us thankful to be here, but we are also so thankful for how so many people have taken what seems to be a special interest in our boy and our whole family. I’ll actually miss a LOT of people when we finally go home! 

Huck Inlow, you are so loved! I hope one day I can explain to you how much not only your daddy, sister, and I love you, but how much our entire community and family and friends and nurses and doctors and PCA’s and therapists and complete strangers love you. You have so many people supporting you and we have been shown so much kindness from all of those people. I hope you always know that kindness. And I hope you know how many people have rooted for you, prayed for you, and fought for you. You have love from and support from all over! 

Happy 4 months baby boy! We can’t wait to show you the world! 

Huck Inlow | Two Months

Stats: Well Huck was born at 3035 grams which converts to 6 lbs 11 oz and was 3950 grams at one month which converts to 8 lbs 11 oz and now we’re sitting at 4420 grams which converts to 9 lbs 11 oz. So he gained two pounds exactly in his first month and one pound exactly in his second month. This is great because he needs to be at least a certain weight before his next surgery. Hoping he gains at least a pound a month! (But since it has taken me a few days to post this, he’s already crossed over 10 lbs!)

He is wearing size 1 diapers and just outgrew the last of his newborn clothes. Which caught me a little off guard and I realized all of the clothes we brought with us are newborn! Had to go buy a few new outfits because they want him wearing clothes now. 

Eating: Huck is currently eating 50-60 ml of regular breastmilk at each feed, typically about every 3 hours. This amount is down a bit from 1 month due to some significant reflux issues. He’s slowly working his way back up though. In the past few days he has taken his old normal of 75-80 a couple of times. 

I’m still exclusively pumping for him, still hating it, still sticking it out. 10 months to go. 😝

Sleep: His daytime sleep has gotten pretty consistent. He’s normally awake for an hour and is happy and playing, then naps for two hours. We’re still working on a night time schedule but last night he was awake and upset on and off from pretty much 6 pm to 11 pm and then he slept from midnight to 4 am, ate a bottle and got a picc line dressing change, then slept again from about 5 to 9 before he was ready to eat again. He sleeps mostly in the mamaroo now which helps his reflux a lot. 

Milestones: We started tummy time! He got the all clear at 6 weeks post op and we started giving it a go. He doesn’t love it but he at least tolerates it for a short bit before he’s over it. He actually prefers to do it more on my chest than on the bed. 

We’ve gotten lots of real smiles! And he’s been cooing at me a lot lately. 

Medical Milestones: Currently still inpatient on the CVICU heart failure unit while we wait on our Glenn surgery. We will be here until then. He is on milrinone and clonidine + reflux medications + a couple of diuretics. He is not on any respiratory support at the moment and taking all feeds by mouth. He is still getting a little background nutrition help from tpn and lipids, and getting therapeutic doses of lovenox for a blood clot in his picc line. The Glenn is tentatively scheduled for 4 months old on September 13 but they will start discussing options at 3 months and 5kg weight. 


  • Being held
  • Mamaroo
  • Laying on his back and looking around
  • Anything with lights and sound (I’ve been letting him watch newborn stimulation videos on YouTube and he loves it)
  • Warm milk


  • Diaper changes
  • Picc line dressing changes
  • Taking his medicine
  • Baths
  • Lovenox shots

We are so in love with this little guy and can’t wait to get him home. He is developing such a cute little personality and I’m so amazed at how well he’s handling being in the hospital. I guess he doesn’t know any different, but with as much stuff is hooked up to him, he really doesn’t seem to mind it much. I spend my days just hanging out with him all day, trying to have as close to a normal experience as I can with him. His doctors tells us all the time that life after the Glenn will be so much better and I’m starting to get anxious for that. Almost there!

Happy two months, sweet baby Huck! Mama, daddy, and Whitlee love you so much!! 

Whitlee | 15 Months

I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months (umm, sorry, its been like 4 since this post has been chilling on my computer for forever) since Miss Whitlee turned a year old. She is what seems like a full blown toddler now and keeps us on our toes every second of every day. I wish I could record every single thing she does because I’m amazed and amused and entertained and so full of love for this girl. She is simply the best.


We had her 15 month appointment a little late due to some scheduling issues at her pediatrician, but she’s now 19.8 lbs, and is 29.5” tall. Her pediatrician said she’s in the 24th percentile for weight and 15th for height. Still not super huge, but she’s basically normal. Her pediatrician asked a lot about her milestones, especially talking and they were really impressed with that. They said she’s very smart for her age. Proud mama!


She’s doing really well with 100% whole milk. It took us about a month after 12 months to do the full swap. She had some stomach issues during the switch, so we just took it slow and she finally got past it. We’re also completely done with bottles; she’s on just sippy cups now. She finally got the hang of tilting her cup and she’s a pro. I’m not sure how much she’s drinking daily, but she drinks probably around a little over a gallon a week, which if I had to guess is around 18-20 oz a day. She’s constantly asking for “milkmilkmilkmilkmilk”. She’s also eating pretty well most of the time. She has spurts where she’s a snacker, then she has spurts where she can’t eat enough. We try to do a good balance of convenient foods, typical toddler foods, and healthy foods like yogurt, whole grain, and vegetables. The kid loves macaroni and cheese, so yes, she gets macaroni and cheese a lot, but usually with some kind of protein and vegetable to go with it.

 Food Likes: Macaroni and cheese, yogurt, oranges, spinach and cheese ravioli, Gerber lil crunchies, deer meat (venison), chicken, baked potatoes, pancakes/waffles, grilled cheese, fish stick, cheerios, steak

Food Dislikes: She is her daddy’s kid – hates avocados and boiled eggs, as does he.


Maybe the tiniest bit of progress here. She goes down really easily at night. I actually think we’re even past the point of any milk just before bed, which is a good thing since we’re brushing her teeth twice a day now, which she loves. Anytime we’re in the bathroom she says “teeeeeth?”. The bedtime routine is the same every night, which I think is the reason she’s so good about it. She gets a bath and jammies, asks for her bink bink, lately adding “peace” (please) to the end of it, then we read a book together as a family, she gives everybody good night sugars (including the characters in the book), and then we lay her down in her bed with her “blank”, turn on the Sleep Sheep and close the door. She’s usually out in less than 5 minutes.

Lately, she has been making it from 7:30 PM to about 4:00 AM before she wakes up and can’t get back to sleep on her own (usually due to a lost bink bink), and that’s when I bring her to bed with me and get a little more sleep until about 7/7:30 AM.

We have consolidated to one nap most of the time, usually immediately after lunch from about 12:30 – 3:30. Occasionally she needs a little cat nap in the mid morning, but its hardly ever more than 30-40 minutes and then she’ll still nap 2.5/3 hours that afternoon. I really like the one nap schedule because it’s easier to be out and about for the majority of the morning.


-Oh man, molars. Like always, she’s cutting her first two molars at the same time. That will make 10 teeth now.

-Climbing up and down the porch steps

-Give the BEST sugars and her hugs are the sweetest

-Tells everyone “bye bye” and blows sugars without being asked

-Knows that the requirements for going outside are shoes and a jacket, so when she wants to go outside she brings her shoes and jacket to you

-Can climb on her riding toys and get back off without falling

-Basically running now

Good Lord, I cant get over her absolute toddler-ness at this point. She is no longer a baby and somehow just knows things that I’m not even sure where she learned them. Like last night I got taco shells out of the cabinet for dinner and she suddenly started saying “taco! taco!”. I don’t even know how she knows what tacos are.. we haven’t had them in a very long time. I just made a quick list of all of the words she says and its in the neighborhood of 40 words. She’s also starting to put two words together like “thank you” and “good girl”. She can say several colors, but doesn’t recognize what color is what yet. She says blue, green, yellow, red, purple, pink, and orange. She does several animal sounds – cows, chickens, horses, cats, dogs, and owls. Her horse sound is the funniest! She recognizes people in pictures – mama, daddy, pawpaw, mawmaw, yaya, tyner, Aunt Kendal. She’s also started pointing at people and saying their name, then pointing at herself and sometimes saying what sounds like “Whitlee”. She says baby and ba-ba (bottle) and knows that her baby dolls get a ba-ba. She knows that her bink bink is only for night time and naps now, so when she wakes up, she hands it to me and says “bye bye, bink bink”. She asks for milk now and we’re working on adding please to her requests so it is the c u t e s t, when she walks up to me and says “milk” and I remind her to say please and she says “milk, peace”. I seriously die. She repeats just about everything you say to her. So much fun!

She’s wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, with the occasionally 18-24 outfit. She wears a size 4 shoes and size 4 diapers.


-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but starting to like Minnie Mouse the best. Calls her “Mimmy”

-Baby dolls and taking care of them – rocking them, wrapping them in a blanket, giving them a bottle

-Bicycles – we got her a Weeride Kangaroo recently and she loves it

-Being outside

-Remotes/Cell Phones (holds phones up to her ear now and says “HEWW-OOOO!”)

-Animals, especially dogs and chickens

-Being thrown in the air and caught, especially when daddy does it because he throws her super high

-Being chased

-When you hide and scare her

-Tents or boxes – anything she can climb inside

-To open and close doors

-Carrying things or “helping” mama. She carries my lunch kit to the car every morning for me and to the house every afternoon for me. Will seriously throw a fit if I don’t let her help me.

-Brushing her teeth (thank goodness)


The only thing she really gets upset about is being inside when she wants to go outside, and when we close a door because she doesn’t need to be in that room. Other than that, she’s pretty happy!

Another 3 months in to this motherhood thing and I have to say I love every single day. I honestly don’t know what we did with ourselves before her. Happy 15 months, Whitlee bug! We love you more than you will ever ever know!

Whitlee | 9 Months

Well, hello again guys. Jaime here, momma to a 9 MONTH OLD. What even. I mean she might as well be a teenager. I remember posting her 7 month update, saying that it seemed like Whitlee hit 6 months and just took off on the milestones. Well 8 months met us with nothing majorly new, just getting really good at everything she was doing. And then 9 months hit. Man oh man, 9 months has left me in the dust. Milestones on milestone on milestones.



We actually had her 9 month appointment on the real day this time (the 25th) and Whitlee is now weighing 17 lbs 9 oz (46th percentile) and is 27 1/4″ tall (36th percentile). The neonatologist and pediatrician both told us that she probably wouldn’t be fully caught up on development and size until 9 months, and at this appointment they told us that she is officially “caught up”. Finally! Such an exciting moment!



We’re still doing our normal bottles, but is seems like she has reduced back a little from her normal 6 ounces to closer to 4-5. We’re also doing breakfast, lunch, and dinner normally, with snacks occasionally in between. Originally, the pediatrician had said to mix her bottles at a 22 calorie ratio until 9 months, and at her appointment they said it was up to us whether we dropped back to 20 calories or not. We decided to keep with what we’re doing since she is used to that consistency and she tends to be weirded out by any changes. She’s still eating a bottle in the middle of the night about half the time. If for some reason she is awake at 11 or so and I’m still up, I’ll go ahead and top her off for the night and she skips that 2 am wakeup call for another bottle. This is our normal eating schedule:

4:30/5:00 AM – 1st bottle (4 oz)

7:30 AM – Breakfast (usually baby yogurt and cheerios or tiny pancakes)

9:00 AM – 2nd bottle (5-6 oz)

(snacks after nap sometimes, usually puffs, lil crunchies, or fruit)

1:00 PM – 3rd bottle (5-6 oz)

1:30 PM – Lunch (usually a Stage 3 baby food or one of the squeezable pouches)

5:00 PM – 4th bottle (usually a fairly small bottle.. 2-4 oz)

6:00 PM – Dinner (Stage 3 baby food or whatever we’re having. I use this time to let her try new things.)

7:30/8:00 – 5th bottle (5-6 oz)

11:00 PM or 2:00 AM – little bottle (2 oz)

Also, her likes and dislikes for food seem to have become more pronounced. If she acts like she doesn’t like something, I’ll usually try it again in a few days, but after that I let it be. She knows what she likes and will open her mouth up instantly. If it is something new or something she has decided she doesn’t like, she’ll clamp her lips shut and actually shake her head “no”.



Food Likes:


Strawberry Yogurt – favorite!

Chicken Zuchinni Orzo (Gerber Stage 3)

Pork Roast (shredded bites of what I was eating)


Lil Crunchies – Ranch flavor


Hot dogs (cut super small)

Pancakes (plain, no syrup)

Food Dislikes:

Most Fruit

Whole Green Beans


Mashed Potatoes



Well, we’re still battling this one. Back when she was swaddled, we did a loose version of “Cry It Out”, and it worked amazingly. Fast forward to the months when her little personality is starting to shine and we have figured out that CIO is just not going to work. There are a handful of kids that it just doesn’t work for and I think Whitlee is one of them. We have figured out that she has her momma’s attitude + her daddy’s willpower, and I’m telling you this girl brings a whole new meaning to persistent. She will literally CIO for hours if I’d let her. H O U R S. On the flip side, we have figured out that she’s much better with our presence, so I can get her to fall asleep in her bed if I will just sit by her bed and let her see me, but I don’t talk to her unless its to calm her down, I don’t touch her unless she’s hysterical, and I actually pretend to sleep myself and usually she’ll go right on to sleep. Last week though we had a rough weekend and she was awake every hour in her bed so I finally just brought her to bed with me, only to spend the entire night with her tossing and turning and kicking and flailing – all while asleep. The next day I noticed her top front teeth were super close to breaking through, so I chalked it up to teething and let her sleep with me. Plus she is learning to walk behind a walking toy and it got the best of her last Sunday and she hit her head pretty hard. There wasn’t any blood, swelling or vomiting, and her eyes were dilating normal, but she cried pretty hard and for a good while before she calmed down so I wasn’t about to make her cry for hours trying to go to sleep on top of it. I recently read The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley and we’re currently trying a different route on getting her to sleep better at night. Right now she sleeps in her bed for usually an hour or so and then I’ll let her sleep with me. I’ve been trying to get this post up all week but she usually wakes up about the time I sit down to work on it.

She takes two naps consistently now – one morning nap about 9:15 and an afternoon nap about 2:00. Both are usually an hour and a half to two hours. 



She learned how to do so much stuff this month and is on the move now, so she’s into everything.

-Finally crawling really well, and really fast

-Pulling up on everything if she can reach it

-Also pulled up in her crib, so we had to lower the mattress

-Cruises around the furniture

-Will walk behind her walking toy (slowly, but she’s getting the hang of it for sure)

-Eating a lot of “big people” food

-Crossed from the coffee table to the couch

-Can stand holding on to something with only one hand

-Can stand unassisted if her butt is against something (like the wall or the couch or my legs)

-Can stand fully unassisted for about 3 seconds

-Waves “Hi”

-Waves “Bye Bye” (different wave from “Hi”)

-Claps her hands when we say “Yayyyyy”

-Does a hand motion for “Come Here”

-Says full on “Daddy” (not just “Da-Da”… still no Mama yet)

-Shakes her head “No”


I’m still expecting those front teeth any day. She has pretty much outgrown all 6 month clothes and is in 6-9 and 9 month outfits.  And her swimsuits and pajamas are 12 months! We’re still in size 3 diapers and probably will be for a long time. I’m even going to exchange a couple of boxes of 4’s and 5’s because I have doubts that we’ll ever grow out of size 3.



Her likes are becoming increasingly unique.

-watching Daddy mow the yard

-watching Momma sweep the floor (she’ll chase the broom around)

-A n y t h i n g with water (tub, pools, lake, the sink)

-Other children, especially her cousin Tyner

-Being outside

-Getting down from being held. Wants “down” all the time.

-Sitting/Standing in the grass


-Remotes/Cell Phones

-“The Hot Dog Song” on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse



-Diaper Changes

-Clothing Changes

-Getting her face wiped after eating


Another month down, another month of this sweet little life. She is becoming so smart and so big, it kills me. But also makes me so proud. I can’t wait for the next month because I feel like walking and “mama” are in our near future. Whew…time to babyproof! We love you so very very much, Whitlee Bug!





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Whitlee | 7 Months

It seriously feels like Whitlee hit 6 months and all of the sudden decided to kick it into high gear on accomplishments! She is doing so much that just a few short weeks ago wouldn’t even attempt! I think it just gets more and more fun every month. I can’t even believe we’re closer to a year old now that we are to newborn, and that we have a 7 month old! Time flies too fast. But with milestones, comes hurdles so this 7 month update is LONG. Hence the reason it took me so long to get it up. Trying to collect my thoughts on a freakishly small amount of sleep is tough.


We don’t go back to the pediatrician until 9 months, but after an odd situation where I thought she was sick, (more about that later) I took her in and she weighed 15 lbs 6 oz – a full pound up from 6 months! I was so proud! She’s also grown a half inch in one month. I really want to get a growth chart for her and start marking her height too since she’s actually standing up now.


Whitlee gets a mixture of formula bottles and baby food now. She usually eats a 4-6 ounces 5 times a day. I mentioned in my last post what the situation was with eating and our plan for baby led weaning and the need to go ahead and start baby food instead of waiting for her to get the hang of Baby Led Weaning. So now she also eats however much baby food she wants, three times a day, basically breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes she’s still a little full from her previous bottle and doesn’t eat more than an ounce or so of baby food, but sometimes we hit it just right and man, that girl can put away some baby food. She does so good, just opens her mouth up for every bite almost immediately after the previous bite is gone. When she’s full, she just doesn’t open her mouth anymore. Pretty simple.

We’ve learned she prefers meat and starches mixed together (like turkey and sweet potatoes, chicken and rice) and most vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, green beans, zucchini) over anything sweet. Still doesn’t really care for bananas, and any time we try a new fruit (besides applesauce, she still loves applesauce) she just makes faces the whole time like I’m feeding her something AWFUL. It’s funny to me that she prefers meat and potato type foods and doesn’t really care for sweets because when I was pregnant, that’s about how I was the whole time. I couldn’t even stand to look at sweets most of the time. Her favorite so far seems to be the Beechnut “Just Zucchini, Spinach, and Peas.”

We’ve also tried little bites of whatever I happen to be eating at the time, like a little bit of spaghetti (mostly just a tiny bit of cut up noodles and some sauce) and she hated it. I also let her try some refried beans, hated those too. We gave her a tiny bit of cake icing and same story. So I guess she just likes her baby food. I think it’s mostly a texture thing. She’s really weirded out by texture right now. I’m curious to see how she does with level 3 baby foods that have tiny chunks. I’m holding off a little longer for those though because she’s not quite crawling yet. Her weight gain was inevitable though, because sometimes in the evenings, she’ll eat a 6 oz bottle, half a container of baby food, then another 6 oz bottle, all within like 4 hours. Crazy! And I thought, “Man, this is awesome! Her belly being more full might lead to sleeping through the night”… ummm.. wrong.

So. Whitlee has been swaddled since she was born. I really think the NICU situation made her super reliant on the swaddle and I’m mostly thankful, because up until this point, swaddle that girl and she will S L E E P. Especially for naps. Last month I said we’d continue the swaddle until she’s just getting crazy with the rolling. Well that happened. A few weeks ago, my dad was visiting and she suddenly rolled from her back to her belly for the first time, which we’ve been waiting on to happen. Then in the weeks following, she’s started really getting the hang of it. She’d roll completely off the play mat within seconds. She is basically mobile now because if she wants something, she can wiggle and roll (shake rattle and roll?) to get wherever she wants. Then I noticed if she woke up in the middle of the night, she’d rock really hard to one side like she was trying to roll to her belly. But she was swaddled so she didn’t make it all the way over. It made me so nervous though. Then a few nights later I decided we needed to really focus on weaning the swaddle, so I went one arm out. She slept a couple of hours then I watched her wake up and come the closest to rolling all the way over still in the swaddle that I’ve seen yet! Scared me to death! So that was it, I seam ripped the swaddle wings off the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack cold turkey and now we only have it as a sleep sack. So far, we’ve tried a few different things, putting her down on her back, putting her down on her belly (she rolls to it from her back anyway), letting her cry it out, sleep sack, just pajamas, and so far, no luck. She doesn’t make it very long before she wakes up, rolls to her back, and cries until we go back in and help her fall back asleep. It’s kind of like the swaddle brain washed her into thinking she’s unable to roll to her belly in the crib. She finally figured out how to get back to her belly though and it helps occasionally. She still mostly sleeps in our bed, but it’s getting more and more tough. We’re currently attempting sleep training again post swaddle, but it’s not going very well at. all. So I can’t really say much else except that sleep is basically nonexistent in our house right now. She won’t sleep in her crib, won’t sleep in the bed, won’t sleep at all for longer than 30 minutes to an hour. Needless to say, this momma is DEAD tired.

Medical Issues (?):

I mentioned above I had to take her to the doctor for some weird situation. The week before last, she cut two teeth in two days, but wasn’t just crazy fussy during that. Then that Saturday, Nolan and I went to Schlitterbahn for the day and left her with my mother in law and father in law. The traffic was terrible and the Galveston ferry took forever, so we ended up being gone for much longer than intended. That whole next week was HELL. She cried like crazy constantly. I couldn’t put her down at all without her screaming. I thought it might be her ears because she’d been pulling at them, but I got that checked out and was told it was probably teething.  I rocked her to sleep for a nap one time and laid her in her crib, where she slept for about 30 minutes. When she woke up and realized I wasn’t there she let out the most awful cry I’ve ever heard. It ranks right up there with the shot cry. It was so bad I ran to her room because I thought she’d hurt herself. As soon as she saw me, she was fine. Later that evening, even while Nolan was holding her, if she couldn’t see me it was meltdown city. My mother in law was on vacation last week so Whitlee stayed at KK’s mini daycare. By Thursday, Kaitlin text me and was like “She has cried since Nolan dropped her off.” Which was about an hour at that point. So she’d been crying for an hour straight. She said she just isn’t acting herself and she thinks she might be sick. I thought the same thing since she’d been pulling at her ears earlier in the week, plus she was just so upset. I left work to get her and when I got there she was so strange…like lethargic, teary eyed, wouldn’t smile, didn’t want any toys, and even felt warm. I was SURE she was sick. So off to the doctor we go. By the time we go to the doctor’s office – she was happy, wanted to play, smiling at everyone, babbling away to me, didn’t even feel warm anymore. Uh – what the hell? The pediatrician did a full exam, asked a ton of questions, checked everything under the sun and then hit me with it. “Physically, she’s perfect.” Okaayy…. “But she’s showing significant signs of separation anxiety.” First, there was a sigh of relief that she wasn’t sick and that it wasn’t something incredibly bad. Then came guilt and sadness and I swear I wanted to call and quit my job right then. The ped said if I could, just spend a little extra time with her over the weekend. She also said it was probably triggered by a combination of teething, cold turkey on the swaddle and being gone longer than normal that one day. I was already off that coming Friday so I took off the rest of the day Thursday, then had 3 days with her. Thursday and Friday were a little rough (I literally couldn’t leave her sight), but by Saturday we could lay her down to play and she wouldn’t just freak out. So she was improving. Monday at Kaitlin’s, she said she was back to normal. Thank goodness. I was feeling some insane mommy guilt over that one. I get another 4 day weekend with her this week, so I think that will help even more.


(Whew – milestones galore! I told you 7 months was a busy one!)
-Rolled Back to Belly (finally! I was starting to worry about this one a little)
-Said her first word – Dada (adorable video on instagram!)
-Sits up on her own, unassisted (has gotten really good at this)
-Cut her first tooth (bottom left)

-Cut her second tooth (bottom right)
-Rolls back to belly to back to belly – until she’s all the way against something in her way
-Can sort of army crawl to what she wants

-Can stand unassisted holding on to something (the couch, coffee table, etc.)

She’s still wearing 6 months clothes. She can still fit into just a couple of 3-6 month outfits but most of them are too small. We haven’t been able to move up to anything bigger than 6 months yet, except for random pieces that must be sized weird. (This tank top is 12 months!)

wpid-img_20150612_131848.jpgWe’re still in size 2 diapers, but will probably move up to size 3’s shortly.

-Still loves her daddy – she gets really excited to see him. I mean “DaDa” was her first word.

-Her momma (clearly, made herself sick over it)
-Bath Time
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-Duke (Kynlee’s maltese puppy)

-Actually any puppy/dog; currently trying to convince Nolan she needs a dog because the laugh over a dog just looking at her is enough to make your ovaries explode.
-Food (especially meats and vegetables)

-Apple Juice (we had to give her some for some constipation issues, but she liked it a lot!)
-The Exersaucer

-The door jumper

-Waiting for a bottle

-“Big People” food

-Whitlee Bug
-Momma’s Girl
-Daddy’s Girl

-Doodle Bug
-little alligator (because diaper changes have become akin to alligator wrestling)



So that’s 7 months. It’s been entertaining to say the least, and exhausting, but oh so worth it. I love spending time with her and watching her learn new things. Just the other night she learned how to turn the faucet on in the sink. I mean how does she even know this stuff!? She is absolutely the best part of our life and I wouldn’t trade a single sleepless night. We love you, baby girl!