Life Lately | Big Sister

Our sweet girl is a little over 2 now (almost 27 months if you’d like exacts) and we’ve been really caught up in life all about baby brother lately so I wanted to do a post just for her. I’m sure there will at least be mention of Huck though, because she’s pretty into him too. 

I guess the biggest milestone is that she got a big girl bed last week! I’m still waiting to put a few more things on her wall above her bed but her new room is pretty much complete. We decided to skip the toddler bed and just go with a twin that was close to the floor. Prior to the switch, she would go down for the night pretty easily in her crib, and sleep through the night. She started calling for me when she’d wake up in the mornings a few months ago. I was a little worried about her getting up too much during the night or falling out of it. We talked a lot about how she’s a big girl now and asked her if it was okay if we give the baby bed to Huck. She was pretty excited about it all. The first night she was really excited to get in it… until she realized she had to stay in it. There were lots of tears and saying “scared” so I ended up staying with her a while, patting her back and telling her it was okay. But every time I’d try to leave, she got upset. So I eventually bribed her and said if she stayed all night in her big girl bed, she’d get a surprise in the morning (a few m&ms after breakfast). And it worked! She slept all night and called for me when she woke up. Each night got a little easier and then she figured out she could get up by herself in the morning, but thankfully (knock on wood) she hasn’t gotten up in the middle of the night yet. So far, so good. It hasn’t quite been a whole week yet though.

She’s pretty talkative these days and I’m not sure if I understand her so well because I’m her momma but I feel like she speaks more clearly than some 3 and 4 year olds I know. A few conversations lately:

A neighbors dog was in our yard while we were outside playing. 

Momma! A puppy!!

Whitlee, I’m not sure about that puppy. He might not be nice. Let’s leave him alone and see if he’ll go home. 

Mag mag knows this puppy. It okay momma. 

(Mag mag is our dog, Maggie)

Whitlee, what did you and mawmaw do today?

Umm… go to Target! (They didn’t)

You did?! Did you get me a present??

Uh huh!!

What did you get me??

Umm… tape! 


Uh huh!! REAL tape!!

While getting paint for Huck’s room mixed at Walmart 

Look, that guy is mixing the paint for Huck’s room. He’s gonna shake it up real good for us. 

That for baby Huck’s room?

Yes, that paint is for his wall

She starts trying to pull my shirt up over my belly

Uh, excuse me. What are you doing, ma’am?

Pull you shirt up so baby Huck can see his paint. 

Anytime I grunt or groan, usually when I’m getting up from the floor or couch 

What mad bout, momma?

Our conversations are usually extremely funny and her perspective on things is so fun to watch. She’s also learned a few bad habits and has small tantrums pretty often. We usually make her go stand in the corner when she throws stuff during a fit or tries to hit or kick, and it calms her down really fast. Thankfully her fits are pretty short lived. 

She can also count to 12 and say her whole ABC’s. 

As far as Huck goes, she asks about him a lot but she doesn’t know he’s sick. She just asks “when Huck be here, momma?” Or she points at things in his room and says “that for baby Huck!” She also says his whole name if you ask what her brother’s name is. 

So that’s just a little update on our first little love. We can’t believe she’ll be a big sister soon!! 

Comforter | Sheet Set | Bed (similar here)


Whitlee | Two Years 

Where in the world has time gone? How do we have a T W O year old?? Our baby girl just blew through her second birthday and left her poor momma over here in the dust, wondering where my tiny baby went. But here we are.. a two year update. Our Whitlee is ALL girl. She loves skirts and bows, sometimes wearing multiple tutus at one time. She loves her tea sets and giving people “haircuts”.  She is the sweetest, snuggliest little girl and is so quick to brighten someone’s day. She tells everyone in the store “hi!” and gives hugs and kisses so freely to be people she loves, sometimes 100% unprompted, and I swear my heart just explodes. My favorite is when she grabs your face and plants one on you unexpectedly. She insists that we’re having a baby sister and most recently, boy or girl, we’re naming the baby “Tick Tock”. I’ll have to remember to put that in the baby’s book. 😊 

Our girl is a major talker; she got that one honest. But we are forever amazed at the phrases she says and the stuff she picks up and unfortunately some of the stuff she repeats. She likes to say “me go?” and “let Maggie out!” and the other day “Maggie don’t get me no more” complete with a finger pointing, bossing the dog. She’s actually pretty bossy sometimes and has a little bit of attitude, sometimes telling me “okaaayyy, maaamaaa” , and I swear she’s 16 already. But then she says “I love you!” and all is well. 

Stats: We go for her two year appointment next week but we were just at the doctor earlier this week and she was 22 lbs and 33 inches tall. Those measurements put her in the less than 5 percentile on weight but in the 25th for height. Still a little skinny, but looking like she’s taking after her daddy. He’s tall and thin too.

Eating: Food is still sometimes a struggle. It comes and goes a lot and she’ll eat everything in the house one day and then won’t hardly eat anything at all the next. When she does eat, she’s fully feeding herself, using utensils pretty darn well for the most part. She can even eat cereal with milk, mostly without spilling. She’s a big snacker, like her momma. I can always tell when she’s had a lot of snacks, because she won’t touch her next meal, so we try to keep the snacks down to a few a day. When I noticed her weight was slowing down, that preemie mom anxiety got me a little again and I started making her eat the yogurt squeezers on top of whatever meal we were eating at the time. It helped though; she gained a few lbs in the month or so after that.

Food Likes: Still loves macaroni and cheese and is very picky about the brand. She will only eat Velveeta Shells and Cheese. No other kinds will do. Also loves chips, chicken, grapes, olives (green and black), sausage, waffles, cheese, black eyed peas, and oranges. I think her absolute favorite right now is pizza. 

Food Dislikes: She still won’t do mashed potatoes, really potatoes of any kind except french fries and doesn’t like eggs or baked beans. She also doesn’t care much for any drinks other than milk. Happy about that one, though! Occasionally she asks for water. 

Sleep: She does really well sleeping in her crib all night, usually sleeping 12 hours. She takes one nap, about mid day that lasts about an hour and a half up to two hours, and randomly a super long one at closer to three hours. We just bought her a twin size bed and will hopefully be transitioning to that sometime after the new year. I’m a little nervous for that! 


-She has a full set of teeth all the way up to the first set of molars, and the next set are about to break through the skin. Those canine teeth were R O U G H. 

-Talking in full sentences now, usually 3-5 words. 

-We’re smack dab in the middle of potty training. She can go all day 100% with no accidents, IF I let her go naked. Panties are still a struggle.

-sings several songs with shocking accuracy, including “Hello” by Adele, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, and Jingle Bells


-Movies – favorites are Finding Nemo, Minions, Frozen, and How the Grinch stole Christmas 

-Baby dolls and taking care of them – she got a baby stroller, high chair, and bed for her birthday and she’s been obsessed. 

-Bathtime, hates to get out and tells me “can’t get out, I’m fish.”

-Being outside


-Playing in the dirt

-Riding in her stroller


-Being inside

-Being told no


-Getting her nose wiped

We love you so much, little girl! We never knew what we were missing before you and as I’ve said a million times before, we are so thankful we get to be your parents. 

Life Lately

Turns out, I’m a little better at just posting a mishmash update instead of trying to schedule some sort of routine-like postings. 🙂

  • I decided to do bumpdates for the new little baby every 3 weeks. It was a little insane trying to make sure I got a new picture each week with Whitlee and it seems like a lot of my updates were the same since they were so close together, so 3 weeks sounds more do-able for me, plus I don’t have to wrangle Whitlee once a week while we snap a bump pic. 
  • Speaking of the new babe, I had my first ultrasound yesterday, measuring right on track and then just after they told me since it was so early that they may or may not be able to see a heartbeat yet, we saw the sweetest little flutter and heard a heartbeat! 6 weeks today. The first ultrasound always makes it seem very real to me. I love it. 
  • We just got back from our vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama and it was such a good time, complete with our little daredevil going down water slides by herself, lots of playing in the beach sand, mama getting a little jelly fish sting on the first day, good food (ohh, the food), souvenir shopping, and watching our baby girl experience the beach life for the first time. 
  • We’re in the throws of potty training right now and tonight, Whitlee pooped in the potty for the first time. Well Nolan walked in and saw it and said, “wow! that’s a monster turd!” And then Whitlee was suddenly terrified of the potty and “monster turds”. It was so funny and so insane and it took forever to get her not scared enough to use the potty again. 
  • I scored a vintage Jenny Lind twin bed for Whitlee a couple weekends ago for $50. I’m still so freaking stoked about it. I have been searching e v e r y w h e r e for one because we couldn’t stomach the price tag on the one at Land of Nod. 
  • Whitlee is so sweet about the new baby. She loves to lay her head on my stomach and she’ll pat it gently or give it kisses. My heart!
  • She’s also talking consistently in small sentences. She seems so big! You can ask her “what’s in your tummy?” and she says “roni!” (macaroni), then say “what’s in mama’s tummy?” and she says “baby!” and then ask her “what’s in daddy’s tummy?” and she says “umm, BEER!” She’s too much. My favorite phrase right now is probably “watch, daddy!” or “Whitlee do it.” and of course “love you, mama.” 💗

A few pictures from Orange Beach




Whitlee | 15 Months

I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months (umm, sorry, its been like 4 since this post has been chilling on my computer for forever) since Miss Whitlee turned a year old. She is what seems like a full blown toddler now and keeps us on our toes every second of every day. I wish I could record every single thing she does because I’m amazed and amused and entertained and so full of love for this girl. She is simply the best.


We had her 15 month appointment a little late due to some scheduling issues at her pediatrician, but she’s now 19.8 lbs, and is 29.5” tall. Her pediatrician said she’s in the 24th percentile for weight and 15th for height. Still not super huge, but she’s basically normal. Her pediatrician asked a lot about her milestones, especially talking and they were really impressed with that. They said she’s very smart for her age. Proud mama!


She’s doing really well with 100% whole milk. It took us about a month after 12 months to do the full swap. She had some stomach issues during the switch, so we just took it slow and she finally got past it. We’re also completely done with bottles; she’s on just sippy cups now. She finally got the hang of tilting her cup and she’s a pro. I’m not sure how much she’s drinking daily, but she drinks probably around a little over a gallon a week, which if I had to guess is around 18-20 oz a day. She’s constantly asking for “milkmilkmilkmilkmilk”. She’s also eating pretty well most of the time. She has spurts where she’s a snacker, then she has spurts where she can’t eat enough. We try to do a good balance of convenient foods, typical toddler foods, and healthy foods like yogurt, whole grain, and vegetables. The kid loves macaroni and cheese, so yes, she gets macaroni and cheese a lot, but usually with some kind of protein and vegetable to go with it.

 Food Likes: Macaroni and cheese, yogurt, oranges, spinach and cheese ravioli, Gerber lil crunchies, deer meat (venison), chicken, baked potatoes, pancakes/waffles, grilled cheese, fish stick, cheerios, steak

Food Dislikes: She is her daddy’s kid – hates avocados and boiled eggs, as does he.


Maybe the tiniest bit of progress here. She goes down really easily at night. I actually think we’re even past the point of any milk just before bed, which is a good thing since we’re brushing her teeth twice a day now, which she loves. Anytime we’re in the bathroom she says “teeeeeth?”. The bedtime routine is the same every night, which I think is the reason she’s so good about it. She gets a bath and jammies, asks for her bink bink, lately adding “peace” (please) to the end of it, then we read a book together as a family, she gives everybody good night sugars (including the characters in the book), and then we lay her down in her bed with her “blank”, turn on the Sleep Sheep and close the door. She’s usually out in less than 5 minutes.

Lately, she has been making it from 7:30 PM to about 4:00 AM before she wakes up and can’t get back to sleep on her own (usually due to a lost bink bink), and that’s when I bring her to bed with me and get a little more sleep until about 7/7:30 AM.

We have consolidated to one nap most of the time, usually immediately after lunch from about 12:30 – 3:30. Occasionally she needs a little cat nap in the mid morning, but its hardly ever more than 30-40 minutes and then she’ll still nap 2.5/3 hours that afternoon. I really like the one nap schedule because it’s easier to be out and about for the majority of the morning.


-Oh man, molars. Like always, she’s cutting her first two molars at the same time. That will make 10 teeth now.

-Climbing up and down the porch steps

-Give the BEST sugars and her hugs are the sweetest

-Tells everyone “bye bye” and blows sugars without being asked

-Knows that the requirements for going outside are shoes and a jacket, so when she wants to go outside she brings her shoes and jacket to you

-Can climb on her riding toys and get back off without falling

-Basically running now

Good Lord, I cant get over her absolute toddler-ness at this point. She is no longer a baby and somehow just knows things that I’m not even sure where she learned them. Like last night I got taco shells out of the cabinet for dinner and she suddenly started saying “taco! taco!”. I don’t even know how she knows what tacos are.. we haven’t had them in a very long time. I just made a quick list of all of the words she says and its in the neighborhood of 40 words. She’s also starting to put two words together like “thank you” and “good girl”. She can say several colors, but doesn’t recognize what color is what yet. She says blue, green, yellow, red, purple, pink, and orange. She does several animal sounds – cows, chickens, horses, cats, dogs, and owls. Her horse sound is the funniest! She recognizes people in pictures – mama, daddy, pawpaw, mawmaw, yaya, tyner, Aunt Kendal. She’s also started pointing at people and saying their name, then pointing at herself and sometimes saying what sounds like “Whitlee”. She says baby and ba-ba (bottle) and knows that her baby dolls get a ba-ba. She knows that her bink bink is only for night time and naps now, so when she wakes up, she hands it to me and says “bye bye, bink bink”. She asks for milk now and we’re working on adding please to her requests so it is the c u t e s t, when she walks up to me and says “milk” and I remind her to say please and she says “milk, peace”. I seriously die. She repeats just about everything you say to her. So much fun!

She’s wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, with the occasionally 18-24 outfit. She wears a size 4 shoes and size 4 diapers.


-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but starting to like Minnie Mouse the best. Calls her “Mimmy”

-Baby dolls and taking care of them – rocking them, wrapping them in a blanket, giving them a bottle

-Bicycles – we got her a Weeride Kangaroo recently and she loves it

-Being outside

-Remotes/Cell Phones (holds phones up to her ear now and says “HEWW-OOOO!”)

-Animals, especially dogs and chickens

-Being thrown in the air and caught, especially when daddy does it because he throws her super high

-Being chased

-When you hide and scare her

-Tents or boxes – anything she can climb inside

-To open and close doors

-Carrying things or “helping” mama. She carries my lunch kit to the car every morning for me and to the house every afternoon for me. Will seriously throw a fit if I don’t let her help me.

-Brushing her teeth (thank goodness)


The only thing she really gets upset about is being inside when she wants to go outside, and when we close a door because she doesn’t need to be in that room. Other than that, she’s pretty happy!

Another 3 months in to this motherhood thing and I have to say I love every single day. I honestly don’t know what we did with ourselves before her. Happy 15 months, Whitlee bug! We love you more than you will ever ever know!

Whitlee | 11 Months


So I lied. 11 month post did not happen on time. But in our defense, Whitlee was running 104 fever the day she turned 11 months, so we had a rough couple of days. She’s better now though! It was the weirdest thing. We ran some errands a couple of Saturdays ago and I noticed while we were out that she felt a little warm, but was acting fairly normal. She gives “hugs” these days where she lays her head on your shoulder or chest and she was doing that a little more than normal but I wasn’t sure if she actually felt bad. I actually recorded information for a Day In The Life post that day. Anyway, we got home that afternoon and I was able to check her temp – 99 something. So I figured probably new teeth. She tends to run a low grade fever when she cuts new teeth. This time though she acted normal, played like normal, ate normal, everything. The only thing out of the ordinary was, she does this thing where she leans her face down in the bathtub and blows bubbles with her mouth and she got a little water in her mouth and started coughing, then threw up. But it wasn’t like she threw up, it was just a little bit of gag and then spit up. Didn’t think much of it. Through the night, she felt much warmer so about 2 AM I got up and checked again – 102.5. Okay, definitely not just teeth. By Sunday (the 25th), she was at 104 and still not a single additional symptom. No runny nose, no cough, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no weird rash, nothing. Just cried a lot and slept a lot. I was able to talk to the pediatrician and she said just keep her hydrated and comfortable, give her meds if she seems like she can’t sleep well or won’t eat, but otherwise try to let it run its course and bring her first thing Monday. By Monday she didn’t even have fever anymore and they tested her for everything under the sun, including cath-ing her to check urine for a UTI. Nothing. And that was it. She’s perfectly normal now.



Since we ended up going to the doctor yet again, we got another weight. She’s 18 lbs now. No idea on height, but now that she is standing really well, I’m going to start marking her height on a growth chart that will hang on the wall. I’ll probably get her first measurement on it on her birthday – which is less than a month away now!! Oh em GEE.



Since we’re nearing up on a year old, I’ve naturally started to stress about what she should be eating at this point. We’ve had a lot of trouble with the Stage 3 baby food and I never could put a finger on whether it was taste or texture. If you’re not familiar, Stage 3 are purees with small soft chunks of food in them. They’re basically the same flavors as Stage 2, but we were lucky if we could get her to eat more than a few bites. More times than not, we’d just end up feeding her more yogurt or cheerios because it seemed like that’s all she’d eat. After reading something another mom blogger pinned on Pinterest, (Thanks Kendra!) I got the impression that Stage 3’s are notorious for being rejected because they’re just weird with the texture. And at this point she should be eating more solids than anything, but if she’s not quite ready, to offer solids but top her off with normal purees and to thicken the purees with rice cereal. So we set that plan in motion and lo and behold – the girl can EAT. For breakfast now, she gets a variety of things. We usually give her some type of finger food solids – homemade french toast sticks, waffles, cheerios, eggs, and then she gets yogurt or oatmeal thickened with rice cereal. For lunch/dinner, we’ve started giving her whatever we’re having and then topping her off again with baby food thickened with rice cereal. She’s eating a much wider variety of things now and it seems like this will help make that transition much easier when we slowly do away with the extra purees and move to just normal food.

We’re still doing formula at 22 calories, and she takes a morning bottle, an afternoon bottle, a bedtime bottle, and unfortunately a middle of the night bottle. I’m still working on weaning the middle of the night bottle but I feel like we’re close. I just wish I knew the secret.


Food Likes:

Gerber Baby Yogurt – every flavor so far


Hot Dogs (cut super small)

Baby Goldfish

Salad Crackers

Bananas coated with graham crackers

Chicken Nuggets (cut super small)

Any bread – girl likes her some carbs

Pork Roast (cut super small)

Beans of any kind

Food Dislikes:

Plain bananas

Any kind of baby food “meat”




We are slowly making progress in this department. After she fought me a couple of times on putting her to sleep, I started putting her in her bed at night and doing again another VERY loose version of cry it out. Not a single time has she lasted more than 15 minutes of crying, and in the last week she has only whined a little and then gone right to sleep. She’s still not making it all night in her crib, but she is making it about 3 or 4 hours for the first wakeup. I still bring her to bed with me after that, but I’m about to put it to the test and see if she’ll stick it out. I almost think she would skip the night feeding if she would stay asleep in her bed. So maybe those two things will come together?

She still takes two naps – one morning nap about 9:00 and an afternoon nap about 2:00. Both are usually an hour and a half to two hours. A few times, she’s almost held out long enough that we have skipped one of the naps and I’m nervous for when we make the switch to one nap.


-Two more teeth! We’re up to 6 now. I was tickling her one day and she always throws her head back and laughs and all the sudden I saw two tiny new top teeth broke through the skin that were not there the day before.

look at those teeth!

look at those teeth!

-Goes from crawling to standing on her own now

-Is up to 7 steps now I believe. She’s getting pretty good at walking. She cruises around the furniture and then will take off on her own.

-Says “Uh Oh”

-Says “Bye Bye”

-Gives hugs on demand

-Gives sugars on demand

-Gives high fives on demand

-Points at e v e r y t h i n g

-Wears a ponytail now and pigtails…. cue Momma with big heart eyes!

So we’re up to 4 words and she’s getting smarter every day. We can ask here where something is and 9 times out of 10, she’ll point at it. We’re starting to work on faces too – like nose, eyes, mouth. Right now she’s good at pointing at daddy’s truck, lights, and other people.

She’s starting to wear more 12 month clothing and I think we’re very near swapping to size 4 diapers. We’re on a box of 3’s now, and I think I’ll try a box of 4’s that we already have waiting when we swap this next time.



-Any animals

-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

-Other children, especially her cousin Tyner.

-Being outside

-Riding the RZR

-“Driving” Daddy’s truck

-Getting her ears cleaned with baby Q-tips…seriously she can be screaming and will just go silent when I clean her ears.

-Remotes/Cell Phones

-Fascinated with the pattern on our flooring


-Did I mention pacifiers?? She wouldn’t take one to save my life when she was a tiny baby, but now that girl can spot her “bink bink” a mile away. We have them stashed everywhere so there’s always one available. I actually attribute a little bit of the sleep transition to the bink bink because she seems to self soothe a little easier with it. I hope that’s not going to be too tough a habit to break.


-Diaper Changes

-Clothing Changes

-Being told “no”

It is insane to me that it is her birthday month already and I’m working on the final details of her first birthday party. Time truly does speed up when you have kids. She’s learning something new every day and amazes us constantly with how smart she is. She’s on the move like CRAZY right now so catching a picture of her that isn’t blurry is becoming quite the task. Happy 11 months, Whitlee Bug! One more month to go!




Whitlee | 10 Months


Whew.. I am so behind. We’re about a week and a half from 11 months, but during the fall we have birthdays galore and then Miss Whitlee got sick, so I’ve had little spare time. But! I’m here now. I’ll try to post 11 months on time.


So…just when I think we have had the best month yet (ahem.. 7 months, and then again at 9 months) …then we get to 10 months. I feel like I remember reading blogs where a mom would be like “Ohh, this is my favorite age yet.” And then the next month, they’re like “I know I said this before, but this is my favorite age yet.” Well, now I get it. I thought seeing my little girl light up with her first smile took the cake. Then I heard her laugh, and say daddy, and say mama, and man, she is just getting to be more and more fun every single day. She is so smart and funny and silly. We just love her to death.



We ended up going to the doctor last week for an upper respiratory infection. She only weighed 17 lbs 14 oz, but  I’m sure she’s growing because she is steadily outgrowing all of her clothes, mostly length ways. They said not to worry because she’s so active now, she won’t gain weight nearly as fast anymore. I work with a guy that has a little girl that was born a week or so before Whitlee and was full term and they are exactly the same size. Whitlee is actually a tad bigger, so I’ll call her good.



It’s kind of crazy to me how she’s slowly transitioning into eating normal meals and eating less and less formula. We’re still do formula at 22 calories, but she is definitely beginning to eat less often. She has moved into where she eats like a morning bottle before her nap, and an afternoon bottle before her nap, and she gets a bottle before bed, all additional to actual breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with occasional snacks in between. She’s also still eating a bottle in the middle of the night. My next move is to wean that bottle for good finally. This is our normal eating schedule:

7:30 AM – Breakfast (usually baby yogurt and cheerios – she is seriously obsessed with all kinds of Gerber baby yogurt)

9:00 AM – Morning Bottle (5-6 oz)

12:30/1:00 PM – Lunch (usually a Stage 3 baby food or one of the squeezable pouches)

1:30 PM/2:00 PM – Afternoon Bottle (5-6 oz)

5:00 PM – Dinner (Stage 3 baby food or whatever we’re having. I use this time to let her try new things.)

7:30/8:00 – Night bottle (6-8 oz)

1:00/ 2:00 AM – little bottle (4 oz)

She’s still pretty particular about her likes and dislikes. She will shake her head “no” when she doesn’t want anymore. She also prefers to eat from the little pouches more so than  a spoon (unless its yogurt), so I trick her into eating all kinds of stuff using reusable pouches from Squooshi. Aside from being a little annoying to wash, they work great!


Food Likes:

Gerber Baby Yogurt – every flavor so far


Macaroni and Cheese

Real Spaghetti (not baby food spaghetti)


Beans and Rice (Mexican restaurant)

Food Dislikes:

Most Fruit

Any kind of baby food “meat”

Most tomato based foods (raviolli, spaghetti os) – she loved homemade spaghetti though

French Fries


While she’s still not sleeping all night in her bed, she does sleep in it for naps and a couple of hours at night. We’re still co-sleeping, because that’s what works for us to get any sleep and I’m not gonna lie – I secretly like being that close to her. I miss her when she’s in her bed.

She still takes two naps – one morning nap about 9:00 and an afternoon nap about 2:00. Both are usually an hour and a half to two hours. Occasionally she’ll miss a nap and occasionally she’ll pick up an extra cat nap. But most commonly, two solid naps.


This is where 10 months smacked me in the face.

-She cut both top front teeth this month! One the end of August, and the other was about a week and a half behind it. Those were pretty rough nights.

-Goes from crawling to sitting up perfectly now

Said Mama!

-Started doing this odd scoot on her butt, while she leaves one leg under her. It’s like a half full crawl, and half scoot.

-Can “dance” on demand now

-And the big one – her first steps!! She took two steps on September 11 and now she will take one or two steps without falling. I couldn’t believe it! I have been so worried her real first steps would be while I was at work, but we started working with her one week and she ended up doing it on a Friday evening for the first time. It was so exciting.

She’s wearing mostly all 9 month clothes with the occasional 12 month outfits and we’re still in size 3 diapers.



-Any animals

-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

-Other children, especially her cousin Tyner.

-Being outside

-Riding the RZR

-“Driving” Daddy’s truck

-Getting her ears cleaned with baby Q-tips…seriously she can be screaming and will just go silent when I clean her ears.

-Remotes/Cell Phones


-Diaper Changes

-Clothing Changes

-Getting her face wiped after eating

We finally baby proofed everything with baby gates and bought the cabinet latches because she is into e v e r y thing. But its so much fun to watch her learn new things, which happens just about every day. I can’t believe our tiny little 4 lb 3 oz preemie is a walking, talking pre-toddler with 4 teeth and a head full of reddish blonde hair. She is so much more than we could have ever asked for. I seriously don’t know how I went so long without her in my life. We love you more than the world, little girl!