Life Lately

Since I haven’t posted lately, I figured I’d just do a mishmash post about what we’ve been up to. We’ve been 90 to nothing as usual but more so since we’ve been soaking up this summer. We’ve been to the family lake house more times than I can count at this point, literally weekends in a row. Whitlee loves the boat and swimming. Every time we stop she says “Out! Swim!” 


We’ve also been to the zoo and two different waterparks.  

Nolan and I went on an adults only weekend trip to Austin with his sister and her husband. I missed Whitlee way too much! 

We also moved a play set from my in laws to our house and we play on it every single day. We’ve also swam in the little pool any day that we haven’t had anything to do and that the weather has cooperated. 

I’m still not back to work yet but I do have something in the works.. just not quite ready to share yet. Whitlee is growing like a weed, and talking even more than my last update, putting more and more words together. We basically have conversations now. She actually just got in my face and said “Paw Patrol?” And I said “you want me to put it back on paw patrol?” Then she said “yes ma’am.” She’s getting really good at manners lately saying a lot of no ma’am, yes ma’am, please and thank you unprompted. She also apparently has an opinion about things now. She demands to pick her own bow and is concerned about if it matches. She’s actually really good at picking one that matches pretty well. Oh and a few mornings ago, I held up an outfit and asked if she wanted to wear it and she said “No! Pink!” and was upset until I found her a pink outfit. I’m sure her teenage years will give me a run for my money. She’s currently cutting her canine teeth, three at one time, yay. I’ve started planning her s e c o n d birthday. I can’t even believe we have an almost 2 year old and we’re talking about 2 year old things like big girl beds and potty training and some pretty intense tantrums. She’s getting so big so fast. We have one more vacation this year which is our real vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. This will be Whitlee’s first real vaca. I’m so looking forward to it! Other than all of that, it’s been our regular fast paced life.. we just try to keep up!