Earliest Childhood Memory

When I was little, we lived in a house next door to my grandma and grandpa and then we moved when I was in first grade (I think). I don’t know what would be the earliest memory… my mom can maybe chime in and let me know chronological order of things but I do remember a few distinctive things from when we lived in that house.

– I was a serious homebody and didn’t want to stay the night with anyone. Seriously, I wouldn’t sleep over with any friends until I was like 12 or something. But I remember staying with my nanny one time while my parents went somewhere for a weekend maybe? What I remember is my mom giving me a little picture of her and my dad in a little red frame. I still have it.

– I remember getting into ants by the propane tank in our back yard. Seems like I remember that happening a few times, actually.

– I remember going to my Nanny and Pawpaws lake house a lot. What’s crazy to me is they sold that place before my brother was born so I never went there older than 5 years old but I was able to drive right to it in my early 20s just from the memory as a child.

– I remember my first horse – Trigger.

– I remember we had a cat that didn’t really have a name, and we had a dog named Heidi.

– I remember stepping on a snake outside my great grandma’s old house with my cousin. I screamed and my dad and Uncle Lamar came running. I was so freaked out. It ended up being a king snake, basically harmless. (pfftt.. harmless… right..)

I have no idea which of these memories happened first and I have no idea how old I was for any of them, I just know they were all fairly young. If I had to guess I’d say the little red picture frame happened first because it’s the fuzziest in my mind! I’m curious to see what Whitlee ends up remembering as a child. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Earliest Childhood Memory

  1. Oh my, the snake would make me scream too! I still scream when I see them! In the spring/summer I won’t walk around in our yard unless my black lab is out with me as he barks at the ground when he sees a snake. We have a lot of garter snakes here, yuck. Harmless of course but scare the crap out of me regardless!

    • Oh man, me too! When we were remodeling our house, I was terrified of finding a snake in it because it was so old and the previous owners had left a bunch of junk that snakes could hide in. Well I was pulling nasty old couch cushions off an old couch, and someone had left a RUBBER snake under the cushions. I almost killed myself trying to get away from it!!

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